Getting Started

Getting Started
Choosing Your Career
The senior project is most beneficial when the job shadow or original project is done in a career that the
student is interested in pursuing as a career. Seniors who are uncertain about which career to pursue
should select a career meets the all following requirements:
1. The student is genuinely interested in the career.
2. The student’s personality and aptitudes fit the career.
3. The career can provide a lifestyle that the student desires.
If one or more of those items are missing, then the career may not be a good fit. Lots of students might
be interested in being a video game tester, but the low wage will most likely not provide a lifestyle the
student desires.
Finding Your Fit
There are many resources you can use to find the career that will fit your best. You can take a
personality test at When finished, the website will give
you several career paths to fit your personality. You can take a career interest survey at This website is also a good source to find out more information about the
careers you are looking at.
Career Research Summary
After deciding on one or two careers, it is a good idea to create the Career Research Summary. See the
example of the career research summary at You can find the information
necessary to complete the career research summary at, or
Now you are ready to go to the next move on to the next step, The Job Shadow