RC Intro 2012

Reading Counts!
Woohoo! I get credit for reading!
What it is
You read books on your own.
 After you finish a book, you take a ten
question multiple-choice test on the
 If you pass, you get points!
 Those points help your grade!
Why we do it
Reading helps your vocabulary
 Reading helps your writing style
 Reading teaches you about life, the
world, people, and other cultures
 Reading well makes you successful in
 The state goal is that you read one
million words this year!
What books can I read for RC?
Scholastic has written tests for over
40,000 books!
 There are books of all sorts and all
levels on the list.
 The list is online… google
 When new books come out, it takes a
few months for them to be added to the
 Some books aren’t on there… 
What if my book is not on the list?
Show the book to your teacher
 If the teacher approves the book for
you, then you can write a book report on
the book
 The teacher will decide how many
points the book report could earn
 After you turn in the book report and talk
to the teacher about the book, you get
points for the book!
check the list before you read the book.
Don’t just listen to your classmate or look
at the side of the book. Double check.
Books you may not take tests on
 Books
you read in
previous grades
 Books that the
teacher says are too
easy for you
 Books that your
parents don’t
What about summer books that I
just finished?
7th graders may take tests on a
maximum of TWO books you read over
the summer.
 You must take these tests in
 Remember to review the book first, to
make sure you recall the details.
 Only from summer, NOT from last year.
Books you may not take tests on
Books we might read in class in 7th or 8th
The Outsiders
Treasure Island
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
Clay Marble
The Red Scarf Girl
My Brother Sam is Dead
The Call of the Wild
Flowers for Algernon
Touching Spirit Bear
Don’t just read a book because it
has a lot of points or because it looks
 Read what you love, and the points
will follow!
 Ask the librarian or your teacher - we
can recommend genres or authors
you might like
 What topics interest you in life? From
skateboards to horses to the CIA,
you can read about it.
Your parents are in charge of
monitoring the CONTENT of the books
you read
 Just like movies & TV - every family has
their own standards/ policy
 Some books might be inappropriate for
you, based on your family’s values and
 You MUST show a parent signature for
all books
BEFORE you read the book, you must
get the teacher to sign your reading
record keeper sheet
 NOT THE SAME DAY as the day you
want to take a test
 If we don’t know the book, we might
ask to see it. Please have it with you.
The original version
 No
Great Illustrated Classics
 No Cliff’s Notes
 No watching the movie instead of reading
 No shortened versions/ little kid versions
You must read EVERY WORD of
EVERY CHAPTER of the book before
you take the test.
Passing Tests
The tests are pass/fail.
 A passing test score is 7/10 for English
7 and 8/10 for honors students.
 When you pass, no matter if you got 7,
8, 9, or 10, you get 100% of the points!
 If you fail, no matter if you got 6, 5, 4, 3,
2 or 1, you get 0% of the points.
When you pass a test…
Raise your hand
 Wait for the teacher to come and look at
the computer screen and sign your
 You got FULL POINTS for the book.
 Choose a new book!
When you don’t pass a test…
Raise your hand and wait for the teacher to
check your score.
You CAN retake the test.
You have to wait 24 hours between attempts.
If you pass the second time, you get FULL
CREDIT for the book, no penalty.
If you don’t pass the second time, you should
talk to the teacher about book choice and
reading strategies.
How many points do I need?
80 for honors 7th grade.
 60 for English 7
 Points do not roll over from trimester to
 We
want you to read all year long!
Points go in the computer at progress
reports (halfway point) and at finals
 RC is worth 15% of your grade (1 1/2
At the end…
The deadline is set and there are no
extensions; you have 12 weeks, so plan
 If
you get sick the last day, you can’t come
back the next day and still add to the grade
 DON’T wait until the last day!
The halfway point is a temporary grade
 The
progress report grade disappears
when we put in the final report card grade.
 You can go from 0 at progress reports to
60 at the end with no grade penalty.
The steps in order:
Find a good book.
2. Check the list
3. Write title and points on your
RC sheet.
4. Get signatures.
5. Read the book!
You should be
reading 5 points’
worth every week.
 For most students,
that’s about 30
minutes a night or 3
hours a week.
6. Take the test.
Mrs. Flynn’s room:
At the beginning of
the class period with
my permission
 During snack, lunch,
or after school
(check with me that
day to see if the
room will be open)
With other 7th grade
English teachers if
they’re available for
HW help, etc. (show
them your ID and
record keeper)
-Raise your hand.
-Stay on the congratulations screen
-Wait for the teacher to sign your
record keeper.
- Go to “Check
Your Progress”