Middle_School_Service_Hours - St. Timothy Catholic Church

Middle School Service Hours
It is time to think about service hours! Please read the policy below and be sure to discuss it with your
child. Please have your children record and turn in paper work on time so it can be counted towards
their hours.
The completion of service hours is strongly urged for 6th graders and required for the 7th and 8th
graders. The child can serve hours for the family, neighborhood, community, church, and school. A
minimum of 18 service hours is required for the school year. It is suggested to perform these service
hours during each trimester, which would break down to 6 hours per trimester. Sixth graders who
performed service over the summer between their 5th and 6th grade year and log it on the service forms
can submit those hours for credit. Students in 7th and 8th grade may also do service in the summer.
Students must log their service ours on the appropriate forms. These forms are available in the 6th grade
homeroom or online. The completed forms must be returned to Mrs. Sikora to ensure credit on the
student’s report card and for storage from school year to school year. They may turn in hours at any
time before the last day of the trimester.
Some ideas for Service Hours: Some ideas may need parent supervision for safety
Helping to keep campus clean (there will be sign ups soon)
Helping teachers when needed
Children’s Center at St. Tim’s Church
Help at Feed My Starving Children
Babysit for free (not siblings)
Cleaning your family’s home for free
Clean a relative or family friend’s home for free
Mow a relative or family friend’s lawn for free
Help with a project with someone you know (for free)
Helping in the Office
Advent Wreath assembly
Help at homeless shelters
Help at Paz de Cristo
Help at St. Vincent de Paul
Local volunteer places-can google volunteering for kids
Help at St. Vincent de Paul
Help with Autistic students at St. Dominic’s (more to come on this)
Help at Maggie’s Place
Come up with your own service project-clothes, blankets, hygiene products, shoes, books for the poor