Welcome to Ms. Kimbro’s Room: AC LAB 2
Welcome!!! I’m delighted to meet you all. Below, I have included some
information about myself as well as the classes I’m teaching this year. I have
also included my contact information. Email is the best method of reaching
me during school hours.
Email: School Ext: 312 Cell Phone: 630-334-9137
About Earth Science- 6th grade:
The 6th grade science course is called Earth Science, but students will learn
about everything from our galaxy to why and how it rains on Earth. The fall
trimester will introduce students to the science lab. We will cover lab
safety, the scientific method and become familiarized with the metric
system of measurement. Thereafter, we will begin to explore the first of our
three book series titled Exploring the Universe. During the winter trimester,
students will learn from Exploring Earth and end the year learning about
Weather and Climate on Earth. Many projects and special dates have been
incorporated into the year also. Students will keep moon journals, create
model solar systems, and launch catapults for Air & Space Day. It should be
a great year in science!
About Life Science- 7th grade:
This is the first year that 7th grade science has been taught between two
teachers. The styles of teaching may be different, but the content will be
consistent within each room. The 7th grade science course focuses on Life
Sciences, which in other words is Biology. After a crash course on
measurement and lab safety, students will begin learning from their Life:
Structures and Functions book. This book will discuss topics such as cell
structures, reproduction of organisms, and genetics. The winter trimester
will cover Animals & Plants, and spring trimester will cover the Human Body
Systems. 7th graders also have the pleasure of dissection three animals this
year: a pig, trout, and bullfrog.
About Algebra- 8th grade:
This Algebra 1 course is designed to teach all the components that will best
prepare our students for their first year of High School mathematics.
Content such as: polynomials, factoring polynomials, coordinate graphing,
linear and quadratic functions, inequalities and roots will be covered
throughout the year. Note taking, organization, verbal reasoning, and study
skills will be addressed, too.
About me:
I was born in Nashville, TN but raised in a suburb outside of Chicago, IL.
After graduating from Wright State University in Dayton, OH with my B.S.
in Education, I moved to Arizona. While in Arizona, I lived and taught at a
private, boarding high school called The Orme School. I worked at Orme for
three year before moving to Memphis in June of 2013. I am delighted and
grateful to be starting my second year here at GSL. This year I am teaching
6th and 7th grade science and 8th grade Algebra 1.
Just a friendly reminder:
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Login: GSLgrade6
Password: gosaints1
2. All GSL faculty emails are formatted the same way:
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