on Tuesday, October 7

Mrs. Powell’s Newsletter
October 3, 2014
Chick-Fil-A Night for First Grade
on Tuesday, October 7
Tuesday, October 7th, 5 pm to 8 pm
Here’s what we are working on!
Dates to Remember
Parent Teacher Confernce Slip due Monday,
For the Week of: __________________
October 6th. 
 counting on by holding the
larger number
 practice with flashcards
A reading assessment is coming
home today in folders for you to
 Tuesday, October 7th school pictures.
 March 24th First Grade Program
Oak Grove won the East Hills
Mall Contest.
Soon they will get the $1,000.
Highlights/Tidbits of Information
Book Reporting Information
 Record from raz-kids .
 Record books read by student
 Library books count if student
read with little assistance.
 Library day is Monday. Books
may be exchanged daily or
 I am encouraging students to
check out new and varied
authors. There is a wealth of
wonderful literature to be
 Concrete poured outside our
classroom window on Tuesday.
We got to watch some of the
action. Playground completion
date: November 7th.
 Gym will open on
Monday, October 6th.
 Spelling lessons launched week
after next for 1st grade. Look for
lists to come home on Mondays
beginning October 13.
 Character Kids had an assembly
for all K, 1 and 2 on Thursday.
Various skits
Super Kids can do
Here’s what we’ve been doing...
Scholastic Book Orders
If you would like to order from Scholastic Books, all ordering is online.
Our classroom code is : GPN3
Books make great gifts.
I plan to use my bonus point balance towards our classroom library.
Reader’s Workshop
Essential Question: What jobs need to be
done in a community?
 We read many stories and
informational books about jobs in a
 We compared informational and
realistic fiction text.
 Worked on making and confirming
 Practiced identifying characters,
setting and events in the stortis.
Story Elements
booksmarks are
coming home today.
These can be used
when you are reading
library books to your
child. They can then
answer the story
element questions.
 Practice retelling the stories.
Writer’s Workshop
o Applying new skills to a
focused small moments
o Transition words
o Ellipses
o Sound effect words
o All caps
GO Folders:
Please empty regularly
Pay attention to weather
changes and dress
appropriately. We go
outside at every possibility.