Geo-Space Science Introductory Concepts of Geo-science and Space Science 2003-2004

Geo-Space Science
Introductory Concepts of Geo-science and Space Science
Instructor: Mr. Rick Blas School phone: 416-8226 E-mail: [email protected]
Office Hours: Periods 1 & 2 and by appointment before and after school
Course Syllabus: In this course we will cover the following units, although order and
content is subject to change.
Space Science:
Earth Science:
1. intro/careers
8. the earth’s structure
2. telescopes and spectroscopy
9. the atmosphere
3. rocketry
10. weather
4. stars and galaxies
11. water
5. the sun and the solar system
12. plate tectonics
6. the moon
13. earth history
7. space exploration
14. earth chemistry
15. rocks and minerals
16. oceanography
Classroom Policies
1. General –
There is room for EVERYONE in class, get to know your
classmates, be yourself! Have FUN and challenge yourself.
2. Food/Drinks-
No food or drink (except water) is allowed in the class, unless I
supply it.
3. Talking-
I don’t talk when you are talking to me, so DO NOT TALK when I am!
4. Assignments-
Always include YOUR NAME, CLASS PERIOD and DATE on the upper
right hand corner of your work.
5. Cheating-
DON’T! This includes copying and plagiarism.
6. CD players-
You may use personal stereos only with my permission.
7. Calculators-
You may not play games on your calculator.
8. My CD player-
Do not ever touch my CD player without my permission.
9. Cell Phones-
If I SEE or HEAR a cell phone you get ONE warning. On the second
offense your phone will be taken away and given to the administrators
and you and your parent/guardian can retrieve it from them.
10. Other Work-
Do not work on other assignments in my class.
11. Respect-
We are all different and we will all do our best to get along and gain each
other’s respect. There will be no verbal or physical bullying, no racial,
ethnic or cultural slurs, and no use of inappropriate language or actions.
Class Attendance: -At the beginning of each semester each student will receive 100
attendance points. (Approximately 10% of your grade)
-Each “unexcused tardy” will deduct 5 points from the total.
-Each “unexcused absence” will deduct 10 points from the total.
-An “excused tardy” is having a pass from a FCHS staff member.
-Your first “unexcused tardy” is free.
-The deductions will take place during finals week of each semester.
-Be aware that your current grade will not reflect your attendance until
finals week.
-There is no make up work or make-up tests/quizzes for “unexcused
Late Assignments:-You will be given one “late pass” per semester. This pass allows you to
turn in a late assignment with no penalty until the end of each quarter.
-Other late work will be accepted for half credit. It will only be accepted
until the test for the unit that the assignment is part of. Any late work
turned in after that will receive a “zero” but, will count as turned in.
-unused late passes can be attached to the final for extra credit
Grading Policy:
The work in this course will be distributed so that approximately one-third
of your final grade will come from tests and quizzes; one third from class
assignments and homework; and one third from group and individual
projects. Grades will be calculated on a total point basis.
Grading will be on a straight percent scale (A+ 98-100, A 92-97.9,
A- 90-91.9, B+ 88-88.9, B 82-87.9, B- 80-81.9, C+ 78-79.9, C 72-77.9,
C-70-71.9, D+ 68-69.9, D 62-67.9, D- 60-61.9, F less than 60)
Extra Credit:
There will be many opportunities for extra credit throughout the year.
You can earn up to a max of 10% of the total semester points in extra
credit. In other words you can raise your score by one letter grade!