Progressives Listening Guide What were a few of the issues

Progressives Listening Guide
1. What were a few of the issues progressives focused on?
2. What were the three goals of the progressive reformers?
3. Why did some Americans embrace socialism?
4. Why is Eugene V. Debs significant?
5. What big business did Upton Sinclair expose?
6. What did local government reforms attempt to accomplish? (3)
8. How effect did reform have on child labor?
9. What were some of labor’s successes during this era?
10. What reform took place in the area of elections?
11. Of what significance is the 17th amendment?
12. What jobs did most women have?
13. What was the main focus of women’s reform?
14. What amendment did the women use in their argument for suffrage?
15. What amendment gave the people the right to directly elect their senators?
16. What name was given to Teddy Roosevelt’s domestic policy?
17. What is meant when he is described as a “modern president?”
18. What action did he take against trusts and what law allowed him to do so?
19. How did his actions in the 1902 coal strike bring government to be perceived
as the way to handle labor disputes?
20. The Meat Inspection Act resulted from what book? Who was its author?
21. What was the purpose of the Pure Food and Drug Act?
22. What was his environmental focus and what did he accomplish?
23. What was TR’s stance on civil rights?
24. What group formed in 1909 to gain full equality for all races?
25. What were the major accomplishments of Taft's presidency?
26. Under what 3rd party did Teddy Roosevelt run for reelection in 1912?
27. What name is given to Woodrow Wilson's domestic policy program?
28. What was the triple wall of privilege he planned to go after?
29. What was the purpose of the Clayton Anti-Trust Act and what was it meant to
30. What major banking system was started in 1913 as a direct response to the
Panic of 1907?
31. What was the purpose of the Federal Trade Commission?
32. What does the 16th Amendment do?
33. What does the 19th Amendment do?
34. What does the 18th Amendment do?