Bill of Rights Collage Directions

Using your textbook, magazines, and Internet resources, construct a
collage of the Bill of Rights. You will need the following items for each
 Visual – the images must be appropriate and match exactly to the
 Amendment Title –
 Amendment description
In total, you must have at least 14 images (5 for the 1st Amendment, 1 for
each Amendment 2-10).
Additionally, you must construct a 20+ sentence summary for the entire
project. The summary needs to include the following:
 Overview – describe each of the amendments
 How the entire Bill of Rights Affects or Protects Society?
 What would happen if The Bill of Rights didn’t exist?
Students can receive extra credit if ALL of the following are completed:
 Summary is typed
 23 or more images appear
 All images are in color (black & white magazine visuals are OK, but
see me before you glue them)
Project Scoring
 See rubric (Completion, Spelling and Grammar, and Participation)
o 4 = 35
o 3 = 25
o 2 = 15
o 1=5
 Extra Credit up to 15 points
-Selection of Partner could help or hurt your grade. Be careful, you
may want to do it yourself. I will view how much work each puts
into it. You may receive different points based on productivity.
Good Luck!