The Progressive Era
Business and Politics
Gender and Race
Business and Political Reforms
At all levels of government,
there was corruption!
How did reforms work to stop this?
O City commissioners
O Civil Service Commission
To encourage more
participation in government . .
O 17th amendment changed the way senators
were elected
O Election Reform (Oregon System)
Trusts and big business were
getting too powerful!
O Sherman Antitrust Act
O Theodore Roosevelt’s Square Deal
O Federal Trade Commission
O Clayton Antitrust Act
Railroad oligopolies were
being unfair!
O Interstate Commerce Act/Commission
Were need to preserve our
country and conserve our
O U.S. Forest Service
O National Conservation Commission
Taxes are too high!
O “New Freedom” tariff reform
O 16th Amendment (
Banks needed to be regulated!
O Federal Reserve Act
We had serious social
problems related to alcohol!
O Women’s Christian Temperance Union
O Anti-Saloon League
O 18th amendment prohibited making, selling,
or transporting alcohol
We had unsafe food and
O Meat Inspection Act
O Pure Food and Drug Act
We had ridiculously difficult
working conditions!
O Children’s Bureau of Labor Department
O Women’s Trade Union League
O Mine/railroad safety standards
O Keating/Owen Act
Gender and Race
Women should have the right
to vote!
O Woman suffrage movement
O State-by-state voting rights
O National Woman’s Party
O 19th Amendment (gave women the right to
We need to fight prejudice and
O Tuskeegee Institute
O National Negro Business League
O Niagra Movement
O National Association for the Advancement of
Colored People
O Society of American Indians
O Mexican American mutualistas
Progressives wanted reform.