apush exam review guide

The Second Industrial Revolution
What role did immigration play in the Second Industrial Revolution? What was the
general immigrant experience?
How were industrial capitalists able to establish and maintain their power?
Trace the role of U.S. federal policy in regard to the regulation of business (especially
“unfair business practices”) during this period. What major social and economic theories
were present in the U.S. at this time which influenced those policies?
What major labor organizations developed and what were their primary goals? Why
were those their goals and how did they hope to achieve progress toward them?
Progressive Reforms
What were the main goals of the Progressives? Were the Progressives successful in
achieving the reform they hoped for?
What major pieces of Progressive legislation were passed during this time period?
What was Machine Politics, how did a Political Machine operate, and what role did it
play in society?
The Gilded Age has been described as a period of increasing democracy for many
Americans. Was it? Why or why not?
Key Terms/Concepts
Key Terms/Concepts (continued)
“Gilded Age”
heavy industry
Knights Of Labor
Women’s Christian Temperance Union
immigrants/“The American Dream”
Political machine
Ellis Island
Angel Island
Sherman Anti-Trust Act
American Federation of Labor
Chinese Exclusion Act
Haymarket Riot
Pullman Strike
The Jungle
Meat Inspection Act
Pure Food And Drug Act
Food And Drug Administration (FDA)
Federal Reserve Act
Plessy v. Ferguson
IWW (Wobblies)
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
The Progressive Party
The Wisconsin Idea
16th Amendment
17th Amendment
18th Amendment
19th Amendment
The New Freedom
Key People
“Boss” Tweed
Andrew Carnegie
John D. Rockefeller
Cornelius Vanderbilt
Samuel Gompers
Eugene Debs
Upton Sinclair
Jacob Riis
Ida Tarbell
W.E.B. DuBois
Booker T. Washington
Ida B. Wells
Theodore Roosevelt
Robert LaFollette