Mitosis app
1. Name 2 things that are duplicated during interphase.
2. What happens to the nuclear membrane during prophase?
3. How many pairs of chromosomes are in humans?
4. During metaphase, where are the chromosomes lined up?
5. During anaphase, what happens to those chromosomes?
6. During telophase, what forms around each complete set of chromosomes?
7. What occurs at the end of mitosis to separate the cells at the end of mitosis?
Read and listen
8. What happens during each of the phases of the cell cycle below:
a. G1 phase
b. S phase
c. G2 phase
9. About how many cells are in your body? How many of them are dividing
right now?
10. Below are the steps of mitosis, out of order. Place them in order (1-4).
a. Metaphase
b. Telophase
c. Prophase
d. Anaphase
11. At the end of mitosis, cytokinesis occurs. What happens to the cell during
this process?
12. Complete the test yourself section. What was your score?
13. Watch each of the videos.
14. Look at the images. Can you name the stages as shown? Can you name the
cell parts seen? What happens when you click on the pins?
15. Click on the resources. What are some resources listed?
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