Standard – Stem List 13

Stem Word List #13
Example Words
13-1 uni
unicycle, universe, united, union, uniform, unicorn, unique
13-2 ics
politics, economics, aesthetics, graphics, ethics, calisthenics
13-3 vert
convert, revert, inverted, divert, vertex, extrovert, introvert
13-4 ess
lioness, empress, princess, baroness, seamstress, governess
13-5 muta
mutant, mutation, mutagenic, mutable, transmutation
13-6 jus
justice, justify, unjust, jus soli, justiciary
13-7 sen
senile, senior, senator, seniority, senescent
13-8 sol
solitude, solitary, solo, soliloquy, desolate, consolidate
13-9 log
(word or reason)
logic, neologism, philologist, logician, illogical, monologue
13-10 gram
telegram, pentagram, hexagram, hologram, grammar
13-11 frat
fraternity, fraternal, fratricide, fraternize
13-12 ef
effusive, effulgent, efflux, efficacy, effeminate, effluent
13-13 vore
omnivore, herbivore, carnivore, voracious, devour
13-14 caust
caustic, holocaust, cauterize, caustically, causticity
13-15 terr
extraterrestrial, subterranean, terrain, Mediterranean
Step One: Create a study note card for each stem
Step Two: Spend time each night reviewing your cards. (This can be done on the bus ride home, in the
car, or during study time in Inquiry class, etc.)
Step Three: Remember that the Word Within a Word is cumulative. That means once you have list # 2
you can’t just toss out list # 1. You’ll need to keep reviewing those words too! You’ll see them on Stem
Test # 2 and so on.