Standard – Stem List 6

Stem Word List #6
Example Words
6-1 put
dispute, computer, compute, input, reputation, putative
6-2 matri
matriarch, matrimony, matricide, matron, maternal
6-3 mega
megaphone, megaton, mega structure, megalomania
6-4 ism
(belief in)
spiritualism, egoism, capitalism, Marxism, romanticism
6-5 cogn
recognize, cognizant, incognito, precognition, cognition
6-6 sur
surplus, surpass, surcharge, surface, surname, surmount
6-7 alter
alternate, alternative, alter ego, altercation, alternator
6-8 dyna
6-9 chron
chronometer, chronological, synchronize, chronic
6-10 contra
contradict, contrary, contrast, contraband, contraception
6-11 son
6-12 gamy
monogamy, polygamy, bigamy, exogamy
6-13 spir
inspire, respiration, perspiration, conspire, aspire
6-14 culp
culprit, culpable, exculpate, culpability, inculpable
6-15 necro
necromancer, necrophobia, necrotic, necrophil, necrology
dynamite, dynamic, dynasty, dynamo, dinosaur
sonar, unison, song, sonnet, resonate, supersonic
Step One: Create a study note card for each stem
Step Two: Spend time each night reviewing your cards. (This can be done on the bus ride home, in the
car, or during study time in Inquiry class, etc.)
Step Three: Remember that the Word Within a Word is cumulative. That means once you have list # 2
you can’t just toss out list # 1. You’ll need to keep reviewing those words too! You’ll see them on Stem
Test # 2 and so on.