Honors - Stem List 11

Stem Word List #11
Example Words
11-1 voc
vociferously, vocal, invocation, vocabulary, convocation
11-2 path
sympathy, pathetic, pathos, telepathy, empathy, apathy
11-3 a
amoral, amorphous, atheist, apathy, apolitical, agraphia
11-4 hetero
heterodox, heteromorphy, heterosexual, heteronym
11-5 graph
bibliography, photograph, autograph, polygraph
11-6 tract
tractor, detract, retraction, attractive, protractor, contract
11-7 in
(in or not)
inscribe, insane, infidel, indefinite, insomnia, incorrigible
11-8 co
cooperate, coordinating, colloquy, coauthor, cotangent
11-9 ign
ignite, ignition, reignite, igneous, ignescent
11-10 hexa
hexagram, hexagon, hexapod, hexameter, hexarchy
11-11 mel
melody, melodrama, melodious, melodeon
11-12 epi
epicenter, epidemic, epigram, epidermis, epigraph, epitaph
11-13 bon
bonanza, bona fide, bonus, bonny, bonhomie, bon mot
11-14 eco
ecology, economy, ecosystem, economist, ecologist
11-15 sequ
consecutive, sequence, sequel, consequence,
11-16 andro (man)
android, androgynous, androgens, androphobia
11-17 aer
aerobic, aerie, aerosol, aerial, aerobes, malaria
11-18 hum
humus, exhume, posthumous, humble, humiliate, human
11-19 exo
exodus, exorbitant, exorcism, exotic, exobiology
11-20 chrom (color)
chrome, chromatic, chromosome, polychrome
Step One: Create a study note card for each stem
Step Two: Spend time each night reviewing your cards. (This can be done on the bus ride home, in the
car, or during study time in Inquiry class, etc.)
Step Three: Remember that the Word Within a Word is cumulative. That means once you have list # 2
you can’t just toss out list # 1. You’ll need to keep reviewing those words too! You’ll see them on Stem
Test # 2 and so on.