Honors – Stem List 14

Stem Word List #14
Example Words
14-1 reg
regal, regiment, regulate, regent, regicide, regime
14-2 pro
provide, pronounce, program, prospect, prognosis
14-3 act
(to do)
transact, react, action, activate, counteract, interact
14-4 fic
fortification, fiction, prolific, horrific, soporific
14-5 idio
idiot, idiosyncrasy, idiom, idiot savant
14-6 nounce (tell)
denounce, pronounce, announce, renounce, enunciate
14-7 an-
anemia, anechoic, anaerobic, anorexia, anarchy
14-8 ab
abnormal, abjure, absent, abroad, abrupt, abduct, abdicate
14-9 struct
construct, destruct, substructure, instruction, infrastructure
14-10 dys
dysentery, dyslexia, dystrophy, dysfunction, dysphonia
14-11 ob
obstruct, obsolete, oblique, obstinate, objurgating
14-12 here
coherence, adhesive, adhere, inherent, incoherent
14-13 lingu
bilingual, linguist, linguistics, language
14-14 rat
rational, ratio, irrational, rationalize, rationale, irate
14-15 liter
literature, illiterate, preliterate, literally
14-16 cata
catacombs, catapult, catastrophe, cataclysm, cataract
14-17 somn
insomnia, somniferous, somnolent, somnambulate,
14-18 err
error, erratic, erroneous, erratum, Knight-errant
14-19 mot
motor, motivation, demote, emotion, promote, commotion
14-20 und
inundate, undulate, undulatory, undulation
Step One: Create a study note card for each stem
Step Two: Spend time each night reviewing your cards. (This can be done on the bus ride home, in the
car, or during study time in Inquiry class, etc.)
Step Three: Remember that the Word Within a Word is cumulative. That means once you have list # 2
you can’t just toss out list # 1. You’ll need to keep reviewing those words too! You’ll see them on Stem
Test # 2 and so on.