Honors – Stem List 15

Stem Word List #15
Example Words
15-1 in
(in or not)
inscribe, insane, infidel, inconsiderate, insomnia, induct
15-2 form
formation, formative, formulate, formula, uniform, reform
15-3 milli
millimeter, millipede, milligram, million, milliliter
15-4 mem
memory, memorandum, commemorate, memorial, memoir
15-5 labor
laborious, collaborate, laboratory, elaborate, labored, labor
15-6 vac
vacant, vacuum, vacation, evacuate, vacuous, vacuity
15-7 tude
(state of)
multitude, solitude, aptitude, gratitude, servitude, rectitude
15-8 val
valiant, valid, equivalent, devaluate, evaluate, ambivalent
15-9 para
(beside or near)
paradox, parable, paradigm, paraphrase, parapsychology
15-10 dom
dominate, dominant, predominant, dominion, domain
15-11 cyclo
cyclone, bicycle, encyclopedia, recycle, cyclical
15-12 gno
agnostic, prognosis, diagnosis, Gnostic, ignominy
15-13 cardio (heart)
cardiology, cardiovascular, cardiac, electrocardiogram
15-14 ish
outlandish, snobbish, ghoulish, squeamish, pinkish,
15-15 fore
foreboding, forecast, forethought, forehead, forefront
15-16 mens
commensurate, immense, dimension, incommensurable
15-17 peri
(near or around)
perimeter, periphery, periodical, perihelion, perigee
15-18 pot
potable, potion, potation, compote, symposium
15-19 let
booklet, piglet, hamlet, omelet, aglet, coverlet
15-20 xeno
xenophobia, xenoliths, xenogenesis, xenomorph
Step One: Create a study note card for each stem
Step Two: Spend time each night reviewing your cards. (This can be done on the bus ride home, in the
car, or during study time in Inquiry class, etc.)
Step Three: Remember that the Word Within a Word is cumulative. That means once you have list # 2
you can’t just toss out list # 1. You’ll need to keep reviewing those words too! You’ll see them on Stem
Test # 2 and so on.