Name: Date:______ Hour:____ Unit 5- Chapter 9- WWI

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Unit 5- Chapter 9- WWI- Study Guide
5. The Great Migration
1. Alliances (all four we discussed)
Triple Entente- Britain, France, Russia
Triple Alliance- Germany, Austria-Hungary, and
Allied powers- U.S., British, France, Russia, Italy
Central Powers- Germany, Austria-Hungary,
Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria
2. Order of events leading up to WWI
-Austria Hungary annexes Bosnia
-assassination of Ferdinand
-Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia
-Russia mobilizes troops to help Serbs
-Germany declares war on Russia
-Germany declares war on France
-Germany invades Belgium
-British declare war on Germany
-German U-boat sinks Lusitania
-Zimmerman Note intercepted
-Germany returns to unrestricted submarine
-U.S. declares war on Germany
When around a million African Americans, not
serving in the war headed to the north to
escape Jim Crow laws, poverty, and for job
6. Treaty of Versailles Peace talks- (who
was involved? What did each side
want? Outcome?)
“Big Four”- U.S.-British-France- Italy
spoke for the side of the allied powers.
Wilson wanted the 14 points plan but
the other big four members wanted to
punish Germany by making them pay
reparations and having them admit they
caused the war. In the end the Treaty
ended up being a very weak agreement
7. Schenk v. US
This court case declared that during
times of war the government has the
right to limit free speech if the speech
creates a “clear and present danger”
3. Women in the war
The first time women were allowed in the
armed services (non-combat) positions
4. Fuel Administration
Were in charge of finding ways to conserve
energy: created the system of day lights savings
8. Zimmerman Telegram
U.S. gets confirmation that Germany is trying to
get Mexico to join their alliance by promising
the land they lost to the U.S. in the Mexican
American War, back to the Mexicans after a
German victory
9. Selective Service Act
This act created the draft. Draftees are
chosen to serve with a lottery system
10. New technologies
Airplanes, U-boats (submarines), Poison gas,
tanks, machine guns, long range artillery,
armored cars
11. New warfare strategies
New technologies caused the need for different
war strategies such as the heavy use of trench
12. Paying for the War (U.S.)
- Taxes on citizens and corporations
- Liberty/victory bonds
13. FBI
Federal Bureau of Investigation. Began
by Palmer and led by Hoover. It was
created to help find communist
conspirators- FBI helped lead the
Palmer Raids
14. Russians relationship with Serbs
Both ethnically Slavic, which is the main
reason Russia mobilized troops to help
the Serbs after Austria Hungary
declared war on Serbia
15. Dogfights
Battles fought in the air with airplanes
16. Bolsheviks (Russian Revolution)
Communist group who over threw the
Russian government to establish
communism. Vladimir Lenin was the
new leader. Russia is now called the
Soviet Union and they sign a peace
treaty with Germany pulling themselves
out of WWI
17. Warren G. Harding
Won the presidential election of 1920
running on the platform of “normalcy”
or returning the U.S. back to the times
before WWI
18. Reasons U.S. joined Allied forces
- Business investments with the
- Common heritage/language
- French helped us during the
Revolutionary War
19. Irish Americans and WWI
Due to their unfavorable history with the
British, many Irish Americans supported the
Central powers instead of the Allies
20. The M.A.I.N. causes of WWI
Militarism- Aggressive buildup of armed forces
to intimidate or threaten other nations
Alliances-relationships created between
Imperialism- a country can increase its power
by controlling other nations (strong over the
Nationalism- a devotion to one’s
21. League of NationsOrganization where countries could
come together to resolve disputes
peacefully- Wilsons proposal in his
Fourteen Points for the League of
Nations was added to the Treaty of
22. Gavrilo Princip
A part of the Black Hand Serbian
terrorist group- assassinated Franz
Ferdinand and his wife
23. New borders after WWI
Europe’s map drastically changes- Ottoman
Empire is no longer. Poland recreated, AustriaHungary now two separate countries.
Czechoslovakia created etc….
24. War Industries Board
Agency created to help mobilize US for the war.
There overall goal was to increase production or
output of war materials. Helped convert
factories to manufacture war materials
(tanks/guns/bullets etc)
25. Lusitania
British Passenger ship that was sank by German
U-boats after Germany has promised not to go
after Passenger ships (Sussex Pledge). There
were 128 Americans on board that ship
26. Prussia –Territory in Europe in which
united Germany