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World War I Study Guide
Chapter 26
1. Explain the importance of the following nations before the Great War. Which ones were
considered industrial leaders? Who was mad at who and for what reason
 Italy
 Russia
 France
 Germany
 Great Britain/England
 Austria-Hungary
2. What is the Triple Entente and who belonged to it?
3. What is the Triple Alliance and who belonged to it?
4. Who belonged to the Balkan nations and what was the problem?
5. Who was considered to be the biggest threat to European peace by Bismarck?
6. Define terms:
7. Identify and explain the importance of the following people.
 Otto von Bismarck:
 Kaiser Wilhelm II:
 Archduke Franz Ferdinand:
 Gavrilo Princip:
 Gregory Rasputin
 Leon Trotsky
 V.I. Lenin
 Tsar Nicholas II
8. How did France loose Alsace-Lorraine to Germany?
9. What region was refereed to as the “powder keg” of Europe and why?
10. Describe the major event that started WWI? Who was involved?
11. What were the chain reactions to the events that started WWI?
12. Which country declared war first?
13. When did the different countries enter WWI?
14. What was the Schlieffen Plan? Why was it not effective
15. Explain why the two sides were called the Central Powers and the Allies? Which
countries were on what side and when did they enter the Great War?
 Central Powers:
 Allies:
16. Explain the eastern and western fronts? Which countries bordered them?
 Eastern
 Western
17. What the main results of the following battles or campaigns and where are they
 Marne (1st):
 Tannenberg
 Gallipoli campaign
18. Explain trench warfare and why was it so hard on the troops?
19. Explain the new weapons of warfare and how were they used?
 Poison gas
 Airplane
 Machine gun
 Submarine
 Tank
20. What was the cause and results of the Armenian crisis?
21. What were the Arab nationalists fighting for?
22. Who was Lawrence of Arabia and what did he do?
23. Why did Russia have a hard time in the war? Why did this make Germany feel
that they could easily defeat them?
24. What happened to the Lusitania? Why was this important?
25. What was unrestricted submarine warfare and which country used it?
26. What was the Zimmerman note? Why was it important?
27. When did the United States enter the war?
28. Why was the sinking of the Lusitania important?
29. Define the term “Total War” and why did it lead to the rationing system?
30. What is propaganda? How was it used during WWI?
31. Why did Russia withdraw from the war? What was the effect of this?
32. Explain the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk and what were the effects of it?
33. The armistice signed in November 1918, what did it accomplish?
34. What was the Paris Peace Conference?
35. Who were the Big Three?
36. Who was not represented and why was this important?
37. What were the “Fourteen Points”?
38. Define Self-determination why was this important?
39. When the Treaty of Versailles was signed in 1919 what were its major provisions?
40. What was wrong with it?
41. Which country refused to approve it?
42. How did it affect post war Germany?
43. What was the League of Nations? Who proposed it? Which country was not allowed to
join and why?
44. What was the “war guilt clause”? What were the results of it?
45. List the countries that lost land.
46. List the new independent nations.
47. Who were the Bolsheviks and what was their impact in Russia/U.S.S.R
48. Explain the importance of the February and October Revolutions of 1917