WWI Quiz- Study Guide

WWI Quiz- Study Guide Key
1. When did WWI begin and end?
2. List 4 reasons WWI began.
Militarism, alliances, imperialism, nationalism
3. Whose assassination sparked the war? Who assassinated him?
Archduke Ferdinand, the Black Hand
4.Who was the Kaiser of Germany during WWI?
Wilhelm II
5. Why was Germany considered the aggressor in the war?
Invaded Belguim first forward movement of the War
6.List the countries in the Triple Alliance.
Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy
7.List the countries in the Allies
Russia, Great Britain, France
8.What was the Schlieffen Plan?
Germany’s plan on how to fight a two-front war: they would attack France first
through Belgium, defeat them, and then attack Russia
9. Why did Germany need this plan?
Because they were surrounded on two fronts
10. Where was the Western Front?
Between France and germany
11. Where was the Eastern Front?
Between Russia and Germany/Austria-Hungary
12. What was fighting like on the Western Front?
Fighting on the Western Front was trench warfare
13. List 5 new types of weapons or warfare.
Airplanes, machine guns, tanks, poison gas, trench warfare
14. What was wrong with Russia?
The war effort is collapsing—they are not industrialized and they cannot
keep up with the supply need
15. When did Russia leave the war and WHY? 1917 they did not have the supplies
and their government was in chaos
16. Who came to power in Russia? What new type of economic system did he set
up? Lenin communist
17. What happened when Russia signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk? Who did they
sign the treaty with? What did Russia lose?
They ended their part in the war. They signed the treaty with Germany and
Austria-Hungary. Russia was forced to lose a lot of land.
18. List the 2 reasons the US got involved in the war
The sinking of the Lusitania and the Zimmerman Note
19. Who was the president of the US during WWI?
Woodrow Wilson
20. How did life change for the people at home in the US during the war? Rationing,
women went to work, victory gardens
21. What is propaganda?
(Found in your book): Information or material spread to advance a cause or
damage an opponent’s cause
22. Who won WWI? The Allies
23. In 1919, where did the peace talks occur? Versailles, France
24. Who went to the meetings? 32 country's leaders met
a. Big Fouri. Woodrow Wilson- US
ii. Georges Clemenceau - France
iii. David Lloyd George- England
iv. Vittorio Orlando- Italy
25. Who came up with the 14 Points? Woodrow Wilson
26. What was the reason for the 14 Points? Ensure lasting peace for the world
27. How did the US and France differ in their preferred punishments for Germany?
US wanted leniency, France wanted to punish
28. List 3 things from the Treaty of Versailles Germany lost substantial territory and
had military restrictions, Germany was to blame for the war- “war guilt”, Germany had
to pay for all the damage – 33 Billion in reparations , Germany lost all of their
29. What was the League of Nations? International peace group
30.. Why was the League of Nations weak? No enforcement power, no standing
31. What happened to Austria Hungry?
Lost land, lost territories, broken up no longer exists
32. What happened to the Ottoman Empire? Lost land, lost territories, broken up
no longer exists
33. Why was Germany angry after the peace talks? Blamed for the war, had to pay
restitution, lost territory
34. Why was Russia unhappy after the peace talks? Lost land, did not get land
35. Why were Japan and Italy unhappy after the peace talks? Did not get land
36. How many people were killed during WWI? A little over 7 million