ATI Instructional Material Committee

ATI Instructional Material Committee
Meeting Minutes
November 14, 2011
10:00am-11:00am in room SSC 124
Present: Lauri Evans, Kathy Fernandes, Peter DiFalco, Laura Sederberg, Jeremy Olguin, Lee
Altier, Bill Loker and Andréa Clavijo.
Absent: Linda Riggins and Nina Zamudio.
Jennifer Meadows can no longer participate on this committee. Russ Mills from Academic
Senate will take her place.
Lauri wants to thank all committee members who contributed valuable data for the 2011 IMAP!
Review of 2011 IMAP key goals:
1.0 Timely Adoption of text materials
 Kathy will contact Linda to receive current data for the last two weeks on text book
adoption statistics. Kathy will create a visual chart of the data that the Provost can
send to department chairs.
o Adoption rate data can be updated on a regular basis and sent to the
2.0 Late Hire process and identification of IM
 Bill informed us of the December 3rd, 2011 Chairs meeting where he will follow up
about late hire process.
 Lauri has not had any response from chairs regarding the late-hire process
presented at the October chairs meeting.
4.0 Faculty use of LMS
 Laurie asked how training was going with Blackboard Learn?
 Laura explained that 158 faculty members are in transition to the new LMS and have
reported positive feedback. By the end of Fall 2011 semester roughly 200 faculty will
be in the transition to the new LMS. Another 12 faculty in the pilot group have
successfully transitioned to the new LMS.
o Issues of IM accessibility will be addressed as faculty post course material to
the new LMS.
Peter explained that TLP can not predict the ratio of faculty use of Vista vs.
Blackboard Learn. Which ever they choose they will have to stick with throughout
the whole semester.
5.0 Accessibility Requirements for Multimedia
Kathy inquired have we made contact with other campuses regarding plan 2 “Develop
guidance for purchasing agents and procurement review staff”
Jeremy has experience at CSU East Bay where they are proactively addressing this issue.
When obtaining multi-media through the library how is accessibility addressed?
We need to check with Sara Blakeslee in the library regarding a process for ensuring
accessible multi-media.
Bill addressed a goal for 2011-2012 to determine the scope of need for captions. (How is
the material arriving on campus?)
Lee said his college has a resource staff person who obtains multi-media, is this the case
for all colleges?
Other questions posed:
o Are captioned multi-media readily available for use by multiple instructors?
o What is the progress on a system wide repository for accessible multi-media?
7.0 Supporting Faculty Creation of Accessible IM
There was discussion on how to recognize, identify, certify faculty who are making
progress toward IMAP goals.
Certification might be an issue, who will certify? What would be the criteria?
Can a process for recognition of best practices and UDL be established through the FRAS
committee, CELT or the provost? TLP also has summer e-learning institute.
Bill commented there should be faculty liaison using CELT funds was a plan last year and
now it shows up again?
Bill said there would need to be a max $42,000-min $14,000 to compensate faculty for
being a liaison to their respective college.
o Is there enough money in the budget?
o Lauri will check with Sandy on ATI funds.
Lee stated that Sandy and he worked together on a diversity grant to incorporate
elements of diversity into courses.
o Can the same process be used to integrate UDL into courses?
o Lee is working on a grant proposal; could be an opportunity for collaboration.
o Lauri will contact Lee and explore the possibilities through CELT funds.
Kathy- Are ongoing IMAP measures of success available? How to bring it forward to the campus
Jeremy- Can we use a share point document for this?
Kathy-would rather have a website no username and password have everything transparent
and public.
Thanks for another lively and productive meeting everyone!