Mr. Chopson / Summer Reading College Preparatory English III The

Mr. Chopson / Summer Reading
College Preparatory English III
The Books:
The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Dover Thrift Edition
Oxford World’s Classics
These editions are preferred but not required; almost any “real” edition (as opposed to an
electronic copy) will do. Make sure any edition you purchase is unabridged and provides an
introduction, which you should read after you have read the “main” text by the author.
The Process:
You should underline as you read and make notes in the margins – identifying items, words,
phrases, ideas, etc., that you feel are important or just interest you on some level. Do not read
any Cliff Notes, Spark Notes, etc. Do not watch any Hollywood versions. Do not listen to these
books on tape. I cannot take you into special territory if you do not follow these instructions.
Read the books in the order listed. Read all introductions, prefaces, etc. Keep the books.
The Assignment:
In addition to carefully reading Franklin, you should write (and bring to class on the first day of
school) an outline sketch of your life to this point, similar to the one found in “Franklin’s Outline
for His Autobiography” (whatever edition you purchase, make sure it contains this “Outline”).
You should also write (and bring to class on the first day of school) four one-page summaries –
one for each of the four parts of the book. If your edition does not break the book into parts, you
must still provide these summaries by creating the divisions on your own. These “pages” should
adequately summarize the individual parts and cite one passage from each part that you found
particularly interesting (with a brief discussion of why you found it interesting).
In addition to carefully reading The Scarlet Letter, you should also bring to class (on the first day
of school) a one-page essay stating your opinion regarding Hester Prynne’s moral decisions.
All in all, there should be at least six pages to this packet. Your packet should be typed and
stapled with a cover that gives it some snazzy title and cites your name as owner.
You will be given a reading “check” test on the first day of class on both of these books.
Do not ignore this assignment or wait until the last couple of weeks of summer to begin. Take
your time and enjoy these two classics of American literature.
I look forward to meeting you in August.