Revolution Brings Reform and Terror

Revolution Brings
Reform and Terror
Chapter 7 Section 2
The Assembly Reforms France
• August 4, 1789
– The Great Fear is making everything chaotic and
people are panicking
– Feel like something must be done- meet the night of
August 4 go all through the night
– People make grand speeches, people crying, denounce
all privileges.
• “Patriotic drunkenness”- One upped each other on the
amount they could give up
– By the next morning the Old Regime is completely
The Assembly Reforms France
• Rights of Man
– August 26, 1789- Déclaration des droits de
l'homme et du citoyen – Declaration of rights of
man and citizen
• Ideas of Enlightenment
– Liberty, Egalite, Fraternité- Liberty, equality,
fraternity is adopted as thier slogan
The Assembly Reforms France
• A state controlled church
– Took over church lands and made church officials be
– Made them swear a loyalty oath- many refuse and are
hunted down
– Lands helped pay of the church’s debt
– Church becomes a place for political announcements
– Many peasants are devout Catholics and were
shocked by these reforms, thus no longer supported
the Assembly
• Separation of church and state
The Assembly Reforms France
• Louis tries to escape
– Mobs keep King and Queen in the city when they try to leave
to visit their priest
– Decide to flee the country and return at the head of the
Austrian Army ( Marie’s Brother Emperor)
– Writes a letter before he leaves saying he does not believe in
any part of the Revolution even though he had taken an oath
of loyalty
– Thought that only Paris would be the problem
– Family makes escape in costume, pretends to be someone else
– Louis gets cocky ( talked to people, put up curtains in carriage,
– Recognized by Drouet from bank note- rides to the next town
– About 1,500 people from town stop them in Varennes and
return them to Paris under guard