File - Mr. Coleman History

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
The Founder of Modern Turkey
Political Reforms
 Abolition
of the office of the Sultan
 Proclamation of the Republic
 Abolition of the Caliphate, a Sunni
Muslim religious leadership position.
Economic Reforms
 Abolition
of the Tithe
 Encouragement of the farmers through
the establishment of model farms
 Establishment of industrial facilities, and
a law that created incentives for the
 Putting into effect Ist and IInd
Development Plans (1933-1937), to
develop transportation networks
Reforms in the fields of
education and culture
 Unification
of Education, which
allowed girls to be educated.
 Adoption of new Turkish alphabet
 Adoption of the Roman Calendar.
 Regulation of the university
 Innovations in fine arts