Winter assignment due January 11/12th

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AP Psych Winter Assignment
Suggested reading schedule:
 Part 1- December 22nd
 Part 2: Some time over break
 Part 3: January 4th
 Part 4: January 6th
 Part 5: January 8th
Part 1: 575 - 586
What is personality? How does the study of personality differ from other psychological research?
What was Freud’s view of personality structure?
What are the projective tests used to assess personality (describe)? Which perspective is most likely to use them and why? How
reliable are they?
What are the major ideas of the “neo-Freudians?”
Part 2: 587 - 599
How does the humanistic perspectives view of personality compare and contrast to the psychoanalytic perspective?
What examples would Maslow cite of “self actualization?
What did Roger’s mean by unconditional positive regard and what is the function of this attitude?
How has the humanistic perspective influenced the field and society?
What are the criticisms of this perspective?
10. What do psychologists mean by “traits”
11. In what areas has trait analysis and classification become popular?
12. What are the strengths and weaknesses of personal inventories?
13. How might factor analysis be used to determine other traits associated with the BIG FIVE?
14. Give an example to explain the Person – Situation controversy that is NOT in the textbook (come up with your own).
Part 3: 600 - 615
15. In the view of social-cognitive psychologists what mutual influences shape an individual’s personality?
16. According to this perspective describe the impact of the following on an individual’s personality and behavior:
Internal vs external locus of control –
Learned helplessness (how does it come about – what are the impacts?)
Optimism, excessive optimism vs. pessimism
17. What do social-cognitive theorists believe one must do to assess behavior and potential future behavior of individuals?
18. For each of the following define it and explain how the issue can affect one’s sense of self or perception of others
a. The spotlight effect
Self – serving bias
Part 4: 419 – 423
41 9 – 421
How is the IQ calculated? What is it no longer believed to be an adequate method for
measuring intelligence?
What controversies or ethical arose over the use of development and use of Terman’s
Stanford – Binet test?
422 – 423
Explain Spearman’s “g-factor” – what did the concept mean? Why controversial?
Part 5: 429 – 437 –
What is the difference between an aptitude test and an achievement test?
What do the following things mean in terms of testing: