Personality Traits Summary

Personality Traits Summary
Write proof statements about your top 5 personality traits (refer personality checklist to
choose traits). For each trait, give at least one example of things you do now that
demonstrate this trait.
o I have had a babysitting job for the same family for three years. We have set
regular dates, and they can count on me to be there. If for some reason I can’t make
it, I always give them lots of notice so they can make alternate arrangements.
o I have played hockey for the same team for five years. I attend all practices and
games. As a result, I have improved my skills and get a lot of ice time. My
teammates can count on me to be there and always do my best.
o I have been working at the same job for the past year. I always arrive at least 10
minutes before my shift begins and I rarely miss a day at work. On those occasions
when I am unable to go to work, I give my supervisor as much notice as possible.