Nervous System Webquest

Nervous System Webquest
Visit the following sites to answer the questions below. Type your answers in
below each question directly on this page. Answers should be typed in full
sentences; please add your name to the document.
Site # 1 - The Brain is the Boss
1. What are the three main parts of the brain?
2. What does the cerebrum do?
3. What does the cerebellum do?
4. What does the brain stem do?
5. Give an example of an involuntary muscle.
6. How big is the pituitary gland and what does it do?
7. What does the hypothalamus do and where is it located?
8. What part of your brain controls your emotions?
9. What are two important minerals for the nervous system?
Site # 2- Neuroscience for Kids
1. Click on the “Explore” link on the menu on the left and then click on the
“The Neuron” link. Click on the first link in the list “Millions & Billions of
Cells” and use the information there to label the following diagram.
Diagram of a Neuron
2. Take the Neuron quiz at the bottom of the link after you have labeled the
diagram above.
Site # 3 – The Secret Life of the Brain
1. Click on “mind illusions” and try one of the illusions. List which illusion you
chose and explain how it tricks your brain. Feel free to test all of them
because they are fun!
2. Go back to the first menu and click on “The Teenage Brain” and and then
“Why do we sleep?”. Explore why teens sleep more than adults. Briefly
explain why.
3. In the “Scanning the Brain” Section, please explore one of the methods
used to examine the brain with technology. Give its full name,
abbreviation, and what it is used to do for scanning the brain.
Activity – To demonstrate your new knowledge, create a poster (A4) that shows
something new you learned about the brain and nervous system. Feel free to use
pictures and information from more than just these websites!