TEST essays

Biological Bases of Behavior
Exam 10/8/2013
• 38 multiple choice questions
• 3 out of 5 five-point questions
• 1 ten-point question
Five point question 1
• Briefly describe how one neuron transmits an impulse to
another neuron using the following terms correctly to
describe the process of neural transmission:
– axon,
– action potential,
– terminal branches of axon,
– neurotransmitter,
– synapse,
– receptor site,
– dendrite.
Five point question 2
• Dr. Taylor discovers a chemical that is a
very effective agonist for serotonin.
• Explain how this chemical might affect
human behavior, and identify the condition
Dr. Taylor might treat with this chemical.
Five point question 3
• Within what brain region would damage be
most likely to disrupt your ability to skip
rope? Your ability to sense tastes and
sounds? In what brain region would damage
likely leave you in a coma? Without the
very breath and heartbeat of life?
Five point question 4
• Why is the pituitary called the “master
gland”? What physical and mental
processes does it affect?
Five point question 5
• Describe the unfortunate case of Phineas
Ten point question will be on the
If you stub your toe, how does the impulse travel through your nervous system allowing
you to pull your toe back and jump up and down in pain? Explain how this process
occurs (including the process of neural transmission) using the following terms in
Sensory neuron
Peripheral nervous system
Central nervous system
Motor neuron
Action potential