Scientific Method Matching Worksheet

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The Scientific Method
Part 1: Match each step of the scientific method with each description on the right. Write the
letter of each step in the blank that matches each description on the right.
A) Observe and record
_____ Written description of what was noticed
during the experiment
B) Experiment
_____ Was the hypothesis correct or incorrect?
C) Question
_____ Gathering of information
D) Research
_____ What does the scientist want to learn more
E) Conclusion
_____ An “educated” guess of an answer to the
F) Hypothesis
_____ Written and carefully followed step-bystep procedure designed to test the
Part 2: List the steps of the scientific method in order.
Step 1: _____________________________________
Step 2: _____________________________________
Step 3: _____________________________________
Step 4: _____________________________________`
Step 5: _____________________________________
Step 6: _____________________________________
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