CH 1: The Scientific Method 3

CH 1: The Scientific Method
What is the scientific method? __________________________________
• expected results have to be
quantifiable (some _______________)
1 Identify a
2 Form a ___________________
___________ or make
that can be solved by
Make a
_________________ Create
other experiments/ studies that
can further explain or support
your findings
A hypothesis is an
educated guess based on
observations and what
you already know.
Design and Perform an
→______________________ group:
does not receive ________________ so
it remains the same and provides a
receives the treatment that you are
trying to ___________; the conditions
that are changing in an experiment are
called _______________________.
7 Create a ______________
When a hypothesis is
supported by a large body of
work you can call it a
theory—not a ____________
variable: condition being
Draw a ____________________
This statement should be able to
stand alone (it’s complete and
makes sense)
variable: the change that is
4 Collect & Analyze the ____________:
•Modify the experiment if necessary
•Confirm the results by _____________ (=reliable)
•Include _________________________________
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