Science Fair Proposal Intro Page with Due date

Science Research Proposal Expectations
Provide a typed or handwritten (blue or black ink only) plan. ALL projects MUST include:
A. Question or Problem being addressed
B. Expected Outcomes/Hypothesis
C. Variables to be tested
D. A literature review
The Introduction:
Create a strong lead sentence that explains your purpose for doing this project. Include the
branch of science that this topic would be studied under. Research the history of this branch of
science and include at least one scientist and his/her contribution that added to the body of
knowledge in this branch of science. If the topic you have chosen is part of a current event or story,
that has been the subject of a recently issued magazine story, or has been the basis of a previous
scientist’s research project, be sure to report about it.
The Body:
Please refer to the written proposal for the category chosen. Be sure to identify the independent or
manipulated variable (what you plan to change) or describe the prototype you will construct. If the
research involves any specialized equipment be sure to discuss fully all the information that is
known about the equipment. Explain any of the processes, forces and/or energy that will be
involved in making the investigation work.
Remember: Write about what you CAN find information about!
Closing Paragraphs:
Include any prior knowledge that you have or facts/details that the Review of Literature may have
given you that leads you to believe in your hypothesis. Write a paragraph that gives your opinion as
to why this topic is important for others to know about. Support your opinion with facts from your
E. Description in detail of method or procedures
 Procedures: Detail the experimental design to be used for data collection
 Risk and Safety: Identify any potential risks and safety precautions to be taken
 Data Analysis: Describe the procedures you will use to analyze the data/results that
answer research questions or hypothesis
F. Bibliography: List at least three (3) major references (e.g. science journal articles, books,
internet sites) from your literature review. If you plan to use vertebrate animals, one of these
references must be an animal care reference
This proposal is due on or before October 25, 2013