David Z EQ4 - mcdaid

EQ 4
By David Zhao
first step is to design a
purpose for your experiment
It should clearly state what you
are trying to accomplish
you have to make a
scientific guess, a hypothesis, on
what you think will happen.
you should make your
materials list.
It should include everything you
used in the experiment
your materials list you
need to make a procedure
It is a step-by-step list of what
you do
Be very detailed
you are in the mists of
your experiment note down your
observations and anything of
After the experiment has
concluded write down the
results too
your data by
Making a graph of your data
Looking for patterns in your data
Making any needed calculations (percent change)
Any new questions
Sources of possible error
Alternative explanations
if your hypothesis was
Anything you found out
Sum up your whole lab report