November 2015 Homework - Harrison County Schools

3rd Grade Homework MENU
Please choose 1 drinks, 1 appetizers, 1 main courses, and 1 desserts. You should
have a total of four (4) options completed. Due Tuesday, December 1st.
Create a piece of artwork
Predict the fossil story.
See attached document.
Create a brochure that
Draw or create a
depicting a scene from a favorite
teaches other students how to
nonfiction book. You can use any
skyscraper with paper.
use nouns, verbs, adjectives,
media; paint, clay, fabric, etc. It
Build an array within the
or pronouns. Select only one
can be a statue, painting, book
interior of the skyscraper bag, book cover, etc. Please
part of speech to teach.
attach a card with your name,
include anyfact
features that
help you understand it better? Explain
book title, and author's name.
to match it.
Does the poem
how the text features help comprehension? What was the author's purpose?
Create a word search or a crossword
using the words below. (It may be
copied as an in class assignment)
habitat, fossils, inference,
observations, adaptations, shelter,
ecosystem, habitat, predator, prey
Bring in a fossil to show the class
or create your own fossil using
play dough, clay, salt dough or
something that you already have
at home (even a drawing would
Fill in the attached
multiplication chart.
Make an advertisement for a
book you think other students
would enjoy. In the
advertisement, include: book title,
author's name, author's purpose,
genre, a picture depicting the
book, and a
paragraph summarizing the book.
Use the following website to
explore and practice identifying
parts of speech. Take a
screenshot of the results of your
game/s and print page. Please
include your name on the page.
Trace your hand and
color/decorate it to look like a
turkey. On the turkey feathers
(fingers) create 5 problems
that have a variable in them.
Include the answer on the
back of the feather.
Locate a book about a fall theme
such as Thanksgiving,
hunting, changes in nature, etc.
Fill in the attached T-Map Cause
and Effect sheet.
Write a story that incorporates
nouns, verbs, adjectives, and
pronouns. Then, create a chart
for each of the parts of speech
used in your story.
Name: ___________________________