What we are learning this term

22 September 2015
Class Newsletter
What we are learning this
 How to use
punctuation correctly
in our writing.
 To use capital letters
for proper nouns and to
use adjectives to
describe events and
characters in our
 To write a story with a
beginning, middle and
How you can help:
 Help me check my homework to see if there
is anything I could improve.
 To improve our instant
recall of the times
tables facts.
 Help me learn my times tables and test me
 To create bar charts
and line graph to
record information
relating to climate in
the rainforest.
 Help me read more challenging books and
 To tell the time using
an analogue and digital
clock and
distinguishing between
12 hour and 24 hour
using am and pm.
on them frequently.
learn new vocabulary which I could use
when I am speaking and writing.