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Edwin L. Pierson
1215 Shadetree  Allen, Tx 75013  (972) 489-7365  edpierson@swbell.net
Technology Leader experienced in the design and delivery of high performance technology solutions
supporting high growth environments. Extensive experience in the M&A process with both Public and
Private organizations. Strong experience in Turnaround operations in Healthcare, Manufacturing and
Cloud based IT Hosting. Key qualifications include:
Re-engineering Operations & Lean process
Project management of large scale projects.
Budgeting & Cost Controls
IT Infrastructure Design & Implementation
Capital Planning and Investment Control
Emerging Technologies & Enterprise
Global Operational Management
Protection of Data Assets
Turnaround Management
High volume system architecture
Support of High Growth Strategies
Quality and Continuous Improvement
Litigation support
Working with Organizations that are entering into Due Diligence efforts to secure funding. Assisted in
the documentation and packaging of IT and Operations materials.
CIO and VP of Quality. Manufacturer of Public Safety Radios for US Military, State and Local Fire and
Police. Revenues over $100M. Public Company until end of 2010 when acquired by Francisco
Participated in multiple due diligence efforts that were instrumental in the sale of the company to
a private equity investor in 2010.
Implemented a company wide Quality program driving a 30% reduction in testing manpower while
improving on-time delivery and lowering fielded sw/hw errors.
Led a series of upgrades and application enhancements in back office systems driving annual
manpower savings of over $800K.
Deployed Cloud based CRM technology that had an ROI of 6 months and provides real time sales
and financial reporting.
Implemented a data warehouse to support internal financial reporting previously utilizing 2
Implemented a company-wide Performance Excellence program based on the Baldrige
Negotiated a $400K annual reduction in outside vendor costs.
CIO and SVP of Operations. Directed all R&D, Quality, IT and Customer Support initiatives for this
private Healthcare company. Products were ASP / SaaS electronic medical records utilized by
Hospitals and Physician Practices across the country. Supported over 1000 customers running on
over 100 production servers in outsourced Data Centers.
Edwin L. Pierson
1215 Shadetree  Allen, Tx 75013  (972) 489-7365  edpierson@swbell.net
Implemented a complete transition to a MS SQL architecture supporting over 11.5 Million patients.
Utilized internally developed SW to provide a Data exchange linking multiple EMR systems into a
common repository.
Implemented quality improvement and technology upgrades that improved system stability and
reliability from less than 98% to over 99.9% in less than 9 months while lowering operating costs
by 12%.
Reduced annual capital spending by over $500K while increasing system capacity by over 80%.
Drove down cycle time between releases by 45%.
Participated in multiple due diligence efforts that achieved the sale of the company in 2007
DIVINE INC. (Formerly DATA RETURN Corporation)
CIO and Vice President of Customer Operations. Directed Customer Service teams, NOC operations,
Systems implementations and Customer account management. Served both domestic and
international customers across Data Centers supporting over 1500 servers. Managed 9 direct and 148
indirect professionals in both domestic and international locations, with an operating budget of $28
Led the redesign of a operating environment capable of supporting enterprise customers like
Match.com and H&R Block on-line tax processing.
Implemented change control processes and technology upgrades that improved system stability
and reliability from less than 99% to over 99.95%.
Implemented performance improvement projects based on RCA / ICA analysis and detailed vendor
negotiations resulting in operating cost reductions of over $2.3M.
Implemented a multi-discipline change management program.
Participated in multiple due diligence efforts that cumulated with the sale of the company in 2002
Corporate Business Strategist
Primary responsibility was to assist our largest customers in the development of their web based
businesses utilizing both Novell products and those of our major partners. Responsibilities included
presenting Novell corporate direction and vision to major fortune 100 customers, providing guidance
to product development groups on optimal software features, and working with senior executives
within Novell to develop future products and marketing plans. Worldwide responsibilities focused on
North America and Asia/Pacific operations.
Senior Manager – Server Operations. Responsible for all data center operations with a combined staff
of exempt and non-exempt employees of over 50. Budget responsibility in excess of $15M/year.
Data Center operations provided 7/24/365 staffing and 1st level application and hardware support for
over 35 SUN Enterprise servers supporting a full suite of Client Server and Web based Oracle
applications. Uptime requirements in excess of 99.98% were met on a continuous basis
M.S. Management Administration - Univ. of Texas at Dallas
B.S. Petroleum Engineering - Texas A&M University