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Understanding Our Investment


Benefits for Our Company Affiliates Partners

Benefits for Our Company Affinity Partners

The Direct Corporate Private Offering

Company Name

Presenter Name

Our Investor Relations Page:

Who We Are

Problem in the marketplace that our product or service solves:

For More Information About The Problems That We

Solve: WWW.

Where We Are Today and Where

We Intend To Go In 5 Years

 Current status of company

 Status in 5 Years

 Why We Need Capital To Grow

Technology of our solution:

For More Information About Our Technology, Please visit


Characteristics of the market for our products:

 The profile of our ideal client

 How we find new clients.

 How our affinity and affiliate partners help us find clients

Competitive Analysis

 Our Top Public Competitors

 Our competitive advantage

 Strengths

 Why We need capital:

Use of capital to overcome weaknesses relative to competitor

Revenue model of how we get paid:

 How we invoice our clients.

 How our clients pay us.

 Our gross sales revenues last year

 Our selling and general administration expenses:

 Our net revenue bottom line % last year:

Our Balance Sheet

 Current debt due in 12 months:

 Long term debt due in more than 12 months:

 Our current debt to shareholder equity ratio:

 Number of major shareholders:

Type of funding sought

 Type of security

 Generic terms

For more detailed information, please visit our due diligence platform at


Uses of funds:

Overcoming weaknesses

Strengthening our competitive advantages

Technology commercialization and future innovation

How You Make An Investment

 Conduct due diligence at our due diligence website

 When you are ready to invest, open an investment account at Folio Institutional and deposit your funds.

 On the day of closing, Folio will issue the subscription agreement to you.

 After you fill in the subscription agreement, Folio will transfer the securities to your investment account.

What Can You Expect From Us?

 We expect to use the capital to run a profitable company for at least 3 years.

 We expect to keep you fully and fairly informed about our financial progress and condition.

 We expect that our affiliate and affinity partners share our commitment to long term financial success.

 We do not expect this investment to be shortterm or for a quick large capital gain or rapid exit.

Our Company Leaders:


 Technology

 Marketing and Sales

Please visit our investor relations page at: