Advanced Human Biology Syllabus

Anatomy and Physiology Syllabus
Anatomy and Physiology will look at the human body – from conception all the way to
death. We will focus on a variety of topics along the way but a majority is anatomy.
This class is part of the Honors Diploma and is considered to be rigorous academically.
The course is taught in a college style. There will be lecture notes to write, outside class
readings, pop quizzes, discussions, papers to write, a few oral presentations and an
occasional assignment.
Conception – includes mitosis, meiosis (spermatogenesis and oogenesis), and implantation
Embryology – development of embryo into fetus and childbirth
Genetics – focus on birth defects
Anatomy – starting with anatomical vocabulary then progressing through the skeleton, muscles, and
blood vessels
Medicine – explore reasons people visit a doctor, from heart attacks to diabetes, strokes and cancer
There is not a textbook that completely covers the topics that are covered. At some point
you will check out an anatomy book to better study bones and muscles. A binder is
recommended as there will be numerous handouts.
The grading scale is as follows:
90% - 100% = Eh, 80% - 89.9% = B, 70% - 79.9 = C, 60% - 69.9% = D,
Based on
*Expect a quiz once a week ranging between 10 – 30 points generally
*A Midterm exam in November (Sem. 1) and March (Sem. 2) worth 100 points
*A Final exam in January over entire first semester and June over entire second semester.
The finals will be worth 200 points each.
*Occasional assignments worth 20 – 50 points
*Lab consisting of cat dissection, 190 points
* Two speeches of two minutes in length worth 30 points each
There is a $20 lab fee required for this class. This covers cats and other lab materials
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There is no extra credit……sorry