Anatomy Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus
Mrs. Henley
Course Description:
Students engage in an in-depth study of the application of science concepts, principles, and unifying themes
that are unique to that particular science discipline and that address specific technological, environmental or
health-related issues. Anatomy and physiology is an in depth investigation of the structure and function of the
human body. It would be very beneficial to those students pursuing a career in medical, dental, or health
related areas. All the human systems will be studied and how they relate to one another. Students will also
carry out laboratory investigations and the study of preserved specimens. Students should be aware that the
detailed study of human anatomy and physiology requires a time commitment and strong study skills in order
to be successful.
*All units include related online notes and student note packets. All associated PowerPoints are found on the
school’s Moodle webpage so students may fill these out on their own as homework. Moodle practice quizzes
are designed to help students study the required material outlined in the notes. Some discussions over difficult
material will occur during class periods as needed. However, traditional “lectures” are not conducted.
Grade Levels: 11-12
Prerequisite: Biology I
Recommendation: Chemistry I, or concurrently enrolled in Chemistry I
A two credit/two semester course
Life Science course
Course Content:
Unit 1: Levels of Organization
Unit 6: Nervous System
Unit 2: Tissues
Unit 7: Blood
Unit 3: Integumentary System
Unit 8: Cardiovascular
Formative Assessment over Units 1-3
Unit 9: Respiratory System
Unit 4: Skeletal System
Formative Assessment over Units 6-9
Unit 5: Muscular System
Unit 10: Urinary System
Formative Assessment over Units 4-5
Unit 11: Digestive System
SEMESTER 1 EXAM (Units 1-5)
Formative Assessment over Units 10-11
SEMESTER 2 EXAM (Units 6-11)
Student Evaluation:
18 week grade
Tests= 50%
Quizzes = 20%
Labs= 20%
Note Packets/Homework =10%
Semester Grade Calculation:
18 week grade = 80%
Final exam = 20%
Late Work Policy:
No late work will be accepted.
CHS Grading Scale
A+ 98-100
A 94-97
A- 91-93
B+ 88-90
B 84-87
B- 81-83
C+ 78-80
C 74-77
C- 71-73
D+ 68-70
D 64-67
D- 60-63
F < 59
Please refer to the CHS Student Handbook for absences and making up missed work.
Please be to class on time and prepared. The following supplies are needed throughout the year:
Three-ring binder, colored pencils, writing utensil, completed homework
Notes/handouts for the unit
Classroom Policies:
1. Guidelines for passes, dress codes, tardiness, language, misconduct, and detentions may be found in the
Student Handbook.
2. Any classroom disruption/distraction or inappropriate behavior may result in a morning detention. If the
offense is significant, administrative referral will be issued.
3. Food is prohibited in this room unless given permission. Water bottles must not be in the proximity of lab
stations. Chemical and biological hazards exist.
4. Never open cabinets/drawers, or operate sinks/gas without permission.
5. Bring all required materials to class every day.
6. Deadlines must be met due to course design.
7. Be respectful to all.
8. When the bell rings, all students should be in their assigned seats. Remain in seat until given permission to
move about the room.
9. All cell phones will be confiscated and turned into the office if seen or heard.
10. All purses and bags must remain on the floor, never on the desk. Only required class materials should be on
the desk work space.
Laboratory Safety:
1. Take all lab work very seriously. All written and verbal instructions must be followed to maintain a safe
environment for yourself and others.
2. Only perform teacher-authorized experiments.
3. Wear safety equipment as instructed.
4. Know the locations of all safety equipment in the room.
5. Report ANY accident, injury, or broken equipment to teacher immediately.
6. NO EATING or DRINKING during labs. Gum chewing may also be prohibited at any time.
7. Keep your work area clean, dry, and throw all refuse in appropriate containers. Follow all guidelines for lab
8. Breaking any of the above guidelines will result in disciplinary action, removal from the lab environment, and
potentially receiving a “0” on the lab.
“I have read, understand and agree to follow all the above guidelines during class sessions.”
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