CCHS/A&P Helbling Anatomy and Physiology Current Events

Anatomy and Physiology Current Events Assignment
Purpose: For you to gain an increased awareness of current events related to Anatomy & Physiology and to practice analytic skills.
You may use articles related to Anatomy and Physiology found in newspapers, magazines, scientific journals, medical
journals and on the Internet. The original article, a photocopy or an electronic link must be submitted. A link to the
article must accompany your electronic submission. (5 points)
All articles must contain at least 10 paragraphs** and may not be more than 1 month old. If the article you select does
not fit this criteria, you will receive a grade of zero for the analysis.
**Some of the articles you may find on the Internet are formatted so that when they are printed,
one or two sentences comprise a “paragraph”. If this is the case with the article you have selected,
you must find an article with at least 20 of these “paragraphs”.
Note: If you are not sure the article you have selected fits this requirement, bring a copy of the article in
and discuss it with the instructor.
3. The article must have some educational value in the study of Anatomy & Physiology. For example, an article
discussing the spread of West Nile Virus into San Diego County will not be accepted. However, if the article
discusses in depth both the etiology (cause) and pathology (its harm to the human body) of the virus, it may be used.
Note: If you are not sure the article you have selected fits this requirement, bring a copy of the article in and
discuss it with the instructor.
Analysis: You may turn in a neatly hand written analysis, or an analysis that is submitted electronically. You may answer either in
essay format or by numbering your responses, but to earn full credit, all of the following questions must be answered.
Cite your source using correct MLA format. No partial credit will be awarded. The citation is either correct, or it is
not. (5 points)
Why did you select this article? (3 points)
Summarize the article. (Rule of thumb – a good summary should be at least 1/3 the length of the original article and
highlight all the main points discussed in the article.) (10 points)
Is the topic discussed in this article controversial? Why or why not? Support your answer using thoughtful reasoning.
(3 points)
After reading this article, and based on your knowledge, what is your opinion? Please share personal experiences,
insights, and lessons learned, etc. This section should be at least one or two paragraphs in length. (5 points)
What have you learned? (3 points)
How might you use this information in the future? (2 points)
**Answering with “I don’t know” or “I won’t use it” is not an acceptable answer.**
What questions do you have relating to this topic? (2 points)
How does this article relate to the unit that we are studying, will study, or have studied? (2 points)
Due Date: You must submit a current events article and analysis each Friday we have class unless otherwise noted.
Grade: Each article is worth 40 project points. Your grade will be based on how well you followed the directions and the quality
of your analysis.