Human Anatomy & Physiology Syllabus

About the Class:
Anatomy and physiology will investigate the structures and functions of the human body.
We will study these through classroom discussions, textbook and internet use, projects, and laboratory activities.
We will also explore possible careers in the health sciences and visit the University of South
Dakota for Scrub's Camp. Your grade will be based on daily work, labs, quizzes, and tests.
Areas of Study:
Chapter 1 – Body Orientation
Chapter 9 – Endocrine System
Chapter 2 – Basic Chemistry
Chapter 10 – Blood
Chapter 3 – Cells & Tissues
Chapter 11 – Cardiovascular System
Chapter 4 – Skin & Body Membranes
Chapter 12 – Body Defenses
Chapter 5 – Skeletal System
Chapter 13 – Respiratory System
Chapter 6 – Muscular System
Chapter 14 – Digestive System & Metabolism
Chapter 7 – Nervous System
Chapter 15 – Urinary System
Chapter 8 – Special Senses
Chapter 16 – Reproductive System
About Me:
This will be my second year at Dakota Valley and my second year teaching Anatomy and
Physiology. I am very excited about this class and will continue to make it the best I possibly can! I grew up in
Battle Creek, IA and earned my Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Secondary Education from Briar Cliff University. I
enjoy spending time with my fiancé and my nieces and nephew.
Tips for Success:
Anatomy and Physiology is a course that requires memorization of body parts and
functions. Therefore, students must be willing to put forth time and effort on a regular basis in order to be successful.
Classroom activities and resources will be geared to help facilitate this type of learning. Taking a few minutes
during SRB and each evening to practice and quiz yourself will really help.
Classroom Expectations:
Please bring the following with you to class each day: your laptop, textbook,
notebook, folder, pencil, and pen. Assignments turned in after the due date will receive, at most, half credit. In
addition to the daily routine, students will be expected to read and verbally report on a current health science topic
once each quarter.
Mastery Learning:
For some chapters, we will utilize a method of instruction called mastery learning.
Under this method, students will work at their own pace throughout the chapter and be required to score an 80% or
higher on quizzes before moving on to new material. More details on this learning format will be given in class.
Project Based Learning: For at least one chapter this year, we will utilize a method of learning called
project based learning. Under this method, students will let me know what information they will need to learn about
specific body systems in order to solve a medical case. They will learn what information to ask for based upon what
information I give them from other chapters to solve similar cases. I will also give them additional information that I
deem important for the specific chapter.
Contact Information:
I will update the grade book on a regular basis so both students and parents can
check for missing assignments and grades. Please feel free to contact me via email or phone if you have questions
or concerns. I look forward to a great year!
Ms. Hummelgard
My Email Address: [email protected]
ext. 2222
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My Phone Number: 605-422-3820