- Neil Baum MD

Attracting and Keeping
Dr. Neil Baum
New Orleans, Louisiana
What will I do for you?
Share with you the M A G I C
that will guarantee your
success allow to proceed to
the jump point and hit the
target zone.
What would I like you to do for me?
• Take a few ideas from this
presentation and incorporate
them into your professional life
within 72 hours
Rule of 72
you have a plan or idea and
do not take action on it within
72 hours, chances are you
never will.”
The MOST important question…
“Why do your customers want to
do business with you?”
Is your product\service less expensive?
Is Martin’s wine better?
Are Crown Buick’s cars cheaper?
Do T & C’s airline tickets have better
• Is Dr. Smith’s stethoscope better than
other physicians’ instruments
How do I know this?
I am your customer?
It is the extra service in
addition to your outstanding
products\services that
attract customers and
maintain their loyalty
Five MAGIC Secrets
Maximize Your
Maximize Your Differences
• Hours of operation that make you more
• Allow clients\customers to call you at
• E-mail interaction
• Preferential treatment
• And………………
Emphasize that the
product\service comes
with YOU!
Anticipate Their Want And
What are American
Businessmen\Women Thinking?
1. They want to keep the customers
that they already have
2. Attract new customers
3. Increase cash flow
4. Improve efficiency
5. Decrease overhead expenses
What are they thinking? (cont)
6. Improve office morale
7. Continuing education
8. Ease of conducting business with
10. Prevent litigation
These are the 10 hot buttons of EVERY
• Hit these hot buttons….and
• The customer will want to do business
with you as you are interested in
his\her success x
• How many of these hot buttons are you
The MacKay “66”
“The more you know about your
customer\client the more likely
he\she will do business with
Harvey MacKay
The “Baum 10”
Telephone (w), (h), (c) (fax) (E-mail)
Address (w) and (h)
Special areas of interest and
“Baum 10” (cont.)
6. Hobbies and recreational activities
7. Martial status, name of spouse,
(significant other)
8. Children
9. Conversation interests
10. Other: dining preferences, etc
Bottom Line on Keeping Existing Customers
Remember…. if you’re not in
front of the customer (in
person or on paper or on his\
her E-mail screen), someone
else will be!
Two Important Questions:
1. How are you making your customers
feel good about you and your
2. How are you keeping your name in
front of your customers on a regular
basis and in a positive fashion?
Make Your Customers Feel Good
• “My uncle, John Doe, is your client and he
told me how helpful you were
• “I had my car repaired in your service
department and the staff was so very kind
and helpful.”
• “I sat in your reception area and your
customers had such nice compliments
about you and your staff.”
Make regular deposits into the
Customer’s Bank Account (CBA)
Deposit Into CBA
Dear Valued Customer,
We can't wash your dishes. We can't pick
up your dry cleaning. We can't change
the little light bulb in your
refrigerator. We can't make your tuna
salad just the way you like it.
Then I realized there was one thing we
could do. First-class postal rates
went up a penny to 34 cents on January
7, so enclosed you'll find ten 1-cent
stamps-a necessity for using up your
old 33-centers. Sure, we're only
talking 10 cents in value, but
hopefully the time you'll save will be
worth much more.
Remember the staff
Let the customer know you are
thinking of him\her even when
you are not conducting
The Power of the Note
The Power of the Note
Lou Holtz and the daily notes
The Power of the Note
The rabbi and the bird
Dear Craig,
I have just heard of your wonderful
good deed in saving a little bird from
dying in the pool. I am very proud of
you for doing such a “mitzvah”.
Whenever you hear the birds
chirping, you can be sure they are
singing your praises. Well done,
Rabbi Cohn
Have impeccable, stellar
Bottom Line: The Power of the Note
See that your name crosses the mind and
the desk of the customer and his\her
staff as frequently as possible and in a
positive fashion
Go Above and Beyond
The importance of the “little extra”
• Water gets really hot at 211o F
• But only at 212o F does it boils
• When it boils, it creates steam
Getting to the Jump Point
• Packing your chute
• Providing you with an emergency chute
• Flying you right over the target
Increase your knowledge and
sales skills
The only difference of where
you are today and where you
will be in 5 years are the
people you meet, the CDs you
listen to and the books that
you read!
Neil Baum
Take home message….
“An investment in knowledge always
pays the best dividends.”
Ben Franklin
Secret #5
Courage to CLOSE the sale
Why will the customer want to get
on that plane with you and jump
out of that plane together at
35,000 feet above the ground?
Attracting new business
Some “Hot” Ideas To
Attract New Business
Attracting NEW Clients
• Identify their needs, wants, problems
and issues
• Send agenda letter-mention the
benefits and the distinct advantages
that you can offer
• Telephone call requesting a meeting
• Send follow-up note after your first
Attracting New Clients
Craig Baum story
Attracting New Clients
Say “thank you” even when
the customer says “no”
My opinion on customers who say
If a customer says “no”, it only
means they don’t have enough
Attracting New Customers
• By providing outstanding
service to your existing
clients\customers you become
a “magnet” and attract new
Asking For New Business
• “ASK and you shall receive!”
• It is not a sin to ask for
Dear Colleagues,
I would like to give you my experience with John Morise and the microwave
thermotherapy for BPH. I have been using the Urologix technology, transurethral
microwave thermotherapy (TUMT) with the new cooled catheter, for the past 18
months and have had a very favorable experience and outcomes using this minimally
invasive treatment for BPH.
Initially I was doing 3-5 procedures a month using a mobile unit. I then obtained a
machine for my office and have increased my utilization to 8-10 procedures every
month. John Morise, the Urolgix sales representative, arranged for me to attend a
course in Minneapolis on marketing and utilization of the technology and, as a result,
I was able to increase the number of procedures in patients within my own practice.
Now, I have satisfied patients telling their friends about the technology and have
patients referring new patients to my practice.
Mr. Morise was also helpful in training my technician. We were able to do several
cases with nurses sent by Urologix to train my technician. We were able improve the
efficiency of the procedure and can easily do 3-4 cases in an afternoon without any
stress on the technician or the office staff.
Mr. Morise has also provided me with ample educational materials so that I can
educate all patients with BPH about the technology and offer them videos, DVDs,
and print material that explains the procedure, risks, and complications.
I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the procedure and
would make my office available to you and your technician to observe a few
I look forward to hearing from you.
Neil Baum
Take home message…
My take home message to you..
What does it take
- Execution
- Courage
Final message on closing the sale
• It takes your courage and your
execution to close the sale
M MAXMIZE your difference
A ANTICIPATE their needs and wants
G GO above and beyond
I INCREASE your knowledge and….
C CLOSE the sale
Let’s All Jump!!
Any Questions?