GCT 复习材料(Level 4)

1. 词汇 50 题,25 分;
2. 阅读 5 篇 20 题。40 分;
3. 英译中(课文原句),5 句 10 分;
4. 中译英(课文后相关练习),5 句 10 分;
5. 作文,1 踢 15 分。
6 月 21 日-22 日上课安排
21 上午:U。6; 下午:U。7/复习材料;
22 上午:U。7; 下午:考试。
GCT 复习材料(Level 4)
I. Vocabulary
1. You should keep calm during your _______ test. Do not be nervous.
A. oral
B. platform
C. rude
D. shield
2. Our guide gave us a detailed _______ of this painting but we still do not understand.
A. authority B. interpretation C. instruction D. institution
3. Our _______ is London. But the plane took us to Paris.
A. departure B. donkey
C. destination D. discount
4. Generally speaking, there is always a generation _______ in every country.
A. gap
B. break
C. globe
D. equality
5. Careful planning and hard work will _______ our final success.
A. enclose B. ensure
C. discharge
D. deny
6. He _______ to his roommate for being so rude yesterday.
A. worried B. doubted
C. apologized
D. dissolved
7. When you take a picture, you should _______ carefully to get a sharp picture.
A. focus
B. object
C. preserve
8. The Chinese food in the United States is usually _______ for American people.
A. exchanged B. altered
C. modified
D. cooked
9. There are _______ approaches to English teaching. But not all of them are equally efficient
for our Chinese students.
A. double B. joint
C. originate
D. diverse
10. He has a bad impression of his _______ in the office.
A. colleagues B. bullets
C. barbers
D. audience
11. His eyes _______ with rage but he did not dare to say anything.
A. flashed
B. wicked
C. voted
D. protested
12. The list is arranged according to the _______ professions of the audience.
A. respective B. responsible C. resource D. resolution
13. This is our _______. So you can do what you need to do here.
A. substance B. schedule C. notice D. noun
14. That rich man has been dead for a long time but his ________ is still not known to the
A. sausage
B. shelf
C. portion D. will
15.I could have _______ such a situation but I didn’t.
A. forecast B. overcome
C. shed
D. urged
16. For fear that an increase in wages may ____ his profits, the plant owner refused
the workers’ request for higher pay despite their strike.
A. cut off
B. cut into
C. turn off
turn down
17. You must choose a larger size because this cloth ____ in washing.
A. contracts
B. reduces
C. shrinks
18. It is universally accepted that theory is based on practice and ____ serves practice.
A. in return
B. in turn
C. on return
D. on
19. The company was in great difficulties at the end of last year, but a generous loan
from the bank __ it ___.
A. pull… through B. pull … up C. draw … on D. draw … up
20. ____ people might accept the theory, but I don’t believe half of it.
A. credible
B. incredible C. credulous
D. incredulous
21. Jogging is really a popular physical exercise, and it ____ to both boys and girls.
A. applies
B. appraises
C. abuses
D. appeals
22. Believe it or not, Churchill, a distinguished statesman and writer, ____ in nothing
at all at school.
A. excelled
B. exceeded
C. accessed
D. extracted
23. To all our surprise, he ____ the invitation to the conference which everyone else
was eager to attend.
A. declined
B. denied
C. withdraw
D. prohibited
24. James often found it difficult to ____ from arguing with his brother who had a bad
A. prevent
B. refrain
C. withhold
D. stop
25. Mary was in a ____ about whether to go to the party or stay at home to prepare for
next week’s exam.
A. difficulty
B. confusion
C. wonder
D. dilemma
26. Kate is an intelligent girl and her essay is always full of ____ ideas.
A. inventive
B. wise
C. renovated
D. original
27. His work as a consultant consists ___ advising foreign companies on the siting of
new factories.
A. of
B. on
C. in
D. with
28. My mother always told me to be thrifty and not to live ____ my means.
A. with
B. on
C. by
D. beyond
29. He began to tell me the story, and ___ I knew every thing that had happened.
A. presently
B. simultaneously C. constantly
D. sequently
30. You may rest ___ that the documents will be safely kept.
A. insured
B. ensured
C. assured
D. sured
31.He drove very fast to _______ that red car.
A. scatter
B. overtake
C. site
D. sponsor
32. Slides are sometimes called ________ film.
A. whistle B. vigorous
C. robot
D. transparent
33.Professor Smith _______the most important part in his paper.
A. omitted B. disputed
C. designed
D. chased
34.This knife is made of steel _______ and it can be used for a long time.
A. mixed
B. alloy
C. champion
D. grasp
35.The theory of _______ was developed by Darwin and is now understood by nearly
everybody in the world.
A. determination B. distribution C. discipline D. evolution
36.Mr. Green has recently been _______ to director of the president’s office.
A. pushed
B. purchased
C. promoted
D. promised
37.We don’t think that his _______ ability has been well developed.
A. possible B. potential
C. underneath
D. vital
38.Our _______ talks promise a good future for our cooperation.
A. interior
B. insurance
C. initial
D. invisible
39.The _______ can help people to see very small objects.
A. metropolitan B. microphone C. microscope D. microwave
40.Physically we feel comfortable. But _______, we suffer a lot.
A. psychologically B. moderately C. naturally D. precisely
41.Mary has a _______ view of our future. But nobody believes what she said.
A. portable
B. primary
C. possession
D. positive
42.Nobody knows his _______ for helping us.
A. motive B. motion
C. mood
D. moral
43.Both sides agree to establish a _______ zone between the south and north.
A. midst
B. mild
C. mention D. neutral
44.This is a _______ moment for our research. We should be careful.
A. critical B. belt
C. conscience D. copper
45.This textbook is for the _______ students, not for the beginners.
A. observation B. transportation C. advanced D. transfer
46.When I read the newspaper, I always read the _______ first.
A. headlines
B. headquarters
C .heaven
D. horizon
47.They _______ our house at $10,000.
A. count
B. vanish
C. weave
D. assess
48.When he studied at college, Jack was supported by a _______.
A. treatment B. assistance
C. scholarship D. protein
49.Even as _______, he made several wonderful inventions.
A.a stock
B. a representative C. an undergraduate D. a gulf
50.An emergency _______ is very important in case of fire.
A. exit
B. deposit
C. discharge
D. elaborate
II .Reading
The market is a concept. If you are growing tomatoes in your backyard for sale
you are producing for the market. You might sell some to your neighbor and some to
the manager of the local supermarket. But in either case, you are producing for the
market. Your efforts are being directed by the market. If people stop buying tomatoes,
you will stop producing them. If you take care of a sick person to earn money, you are
producing for the market. If your father is a steelworker or a truck driver or a doctor
or a grocer, he is producing goods or service for the market.
When you spend your income, you are buying things from the market. You may
spend money in stores, supermarkets, gas station, and restaurants. Still you are
buying from the market. When the local grocer hires you to drive the delivery truck,
he is buying your labor in the labor market.
The market may seem to be something abstract. But for each person or business
who is making and selling something, it's very real. If nobody
buys your tomatoes,
it won't be long before you get the message. The market is telling you something. It's
telling you that you are using energies and resources in doing something the market
doesn't want you to do.
1. Which of the following would be the best title for the passage?
A) Selling and Buying
B) What Is the Market?
C) Everything You Do Is Producing for the Market
D) What the Market Can Do for You?
2.All of the following acts are producing for the market EXCEPT ________.
A) working in a bank
B) printing a book
C) attending a night school
D) growing beans for sale
3.You are buying from the market when you ________.
A) borrow a book from the library
B) look after your children
C) drive to the seaside for a holiday
D) dine at a restaurant
4. The word "real" in the last paragraph may most probably mean "________".
A) serious
B) true
C) important
D) concrete
Cars of 2050 will travel the nation's highways in never-before-dreamed-of
safety, comfort, and convenience. These cars will float along never touching the
ground, and therefore will have no need for wheels.
Annoying highway vibrations, caused by the rotations of the disc-and-tirewheels,
will be things of the past. The coming highway passenger cars will literally
above the road, supported on columns of air compressed by turbine-driven ( 涡 轮 驱
动的) fans.
The car without wheels has been called a "flying
car", and, in a sense, that's just what it is; however, it will not back out of the family
garage, start down the street, and then suddenly go quickly upward heading for some
distant point. On the contrary, to avoid problems in aerial navigation, the
wheelless vehicle probably will travel no more than three inches above road surface.
It will travel over fairly rough road and even over smooth water!
The inevitable problems of maritime (水上的) regulations, severe weather
conditions, and running out of fuel in remote areas all will require new
of operation, servicing, and vehicle regulation.
1.The author believes that cars of the future ____.
A) will be replaced by airplanes
B) will have wheels unlike those of today
C) will use columns of air instead of wheels
D) will use wheels without tires
2.Cars of the future will run _____.
A) without annoying noise
C) much more smoothly
B) without fuel
D) on a number of fans
3. The car without wheels has been called a "flying car" because _______.
A) it travels a few inches above the ground
B) it can fly as a plane does
C) it moves at a very high speed
D) it can travel over smooth water
4. Where is a wheelless car LEAST fit to travel?
A) Over soft land.
B) Over rough country roads.
C) Over highways.
D) Over waterfalls.
Demands for stronger protection for wildlife in Britain sometimes hide the
fact that similar needs are felt in the rest of Europe. Studies by the
Europe, of which 21 countries are members, have shown that 45 percent of reptile
species and 24 percent of butterflies are in danger of dying out.
European concern for wildlife was outlined by Dr. Peter Baum, an expert in the
environment and nature resources division of the council, when he spoke at
conference arranged by the administrators of a British national park. The park is one
of the few areas in Europe to hold the council's diploma for nature reserves of the
highest quality, and Dr. Baum had come to present it to the park once again. He was
afraid that public opinion was turning against national parks, and that those set up
in the 1960s and 1970s could not be set up today. But Dr. Baum clearly remained a
strong supporter of the
view that natural environments needed to be allowed to
survive in peace in their own right.
No area could be expected to survive both as a true nature reserve and as a
tourist attraction, he went on. The short view that reserves had to serve immediate
human demands for outdoor recreation should be replaced by full acceptance of their
importance as places to preserve nature for the future.
"We forget that they are the guarantee of life systems on which any built-up area
ultimately depends," Dr. Baum went on. "We could manage without most industrial
products, but we could not manage without nature. However, our natural environment
areas, which are the original parts of our countryside, have shrunk to become mere
islands in a spoiled and highly polluted land mass."
1.Recent studies by the Council of Europe show that ________.
A) it is only in Britain that wildlife needs more protection
B) all species of wildlife in Europe are in danger of dying
C) there are fewer species of reptiles and butterflies in
Europe than elsewhere
D) certain species of reptiles and butterflies in
Europe need protecting
2.Dr. Baum, a representative of the Council, visited one particular British national
park because ________.
A) he was presenting the park with a diploma for its achievements
B) he was concerned about how the park was being run
C) it was the only national park of its kind in Europe
D) it was the only park which had ever received a
diploma from the Council
3.Although it is difficult nowadays to convince the public of the importance of
nature reserves, Dr. Baum felt that ________.
A) people would support moves to create more environment areas
B) people would carry on supporting those national parks in
C) existing national parks would need to be more
independent to survive
D) certain areas of countryside should be
left undisturbed by man
4.In Dr. Baum's opinion, a true nature reserve ________.
A) could never survive in a modern age
B) should provide buildings for human activities
C) should be regarded as a place where nature is protected
D) could provide special areas for tourists to enjoy
Social change is more likely to occur in societies where there is a mixture of
different kinds of people than in societies where people are similar in many ways.
The simple reason for this is that there are more different ways of looking at things
present in the first kind of society. There are more ideas, more disagreements in
interest, and more groups and organizations with different beliefs. In addition, there
is usually a greater worldly interest and greater tolerance in mixed societies. All
these factors tend to promote social change by opening more areas of life to decision.
In a society where people are quite similar in many ways, there are fewer occasions
for people to see the need or the opportunity for change because everything seems to
be the same. And although conditions may not be satisfactory, they are at least
customary and undisputed.
Within a society, social change is also likely to occur more frequently and more
readily in the material aspects of the culture than in the non-material, for example, in
technology rather than in values; in what has been learned later in life rather than
what was learned early; in the less basic and less emotional aspects of society than in
their opposites; in the simple elements rather than in the complex ones; in form rather
than in substance; and in elements that are acceptable to the culture rather than in
strange elements.
Furthermore, social change is easier if it is gradual. For example, it comes
more readily in human relations on a continuous scale rather than one with sharp
dichotomies. This is one reason why change has not come more quickly to Black
Americans as compared to other American minorities, because of the sharp difference
in appearance between them and their white counterparts.
1. The passage is mainly discussing
A. the necessity of social change
B. certain factors that determine the ease with which social changes occur
C. two different societies
D. certain factors that promote social change
2. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT true?
A. Social change tends to meet with more difficulty in basic and emotional
aspects of society.
B. Disagreement with and argument about conditions tend to slow down
social change.
C. Social change is more likely to occur in the material aspect of society.
D. Social change is less likely to occur in what people learned when they
were young.
3. In the first paragraph “greater tolerance” probably refers to “
A. greater willingness to accept social change
B. quicker adaptation to changing circumstances
C. more respect for different beliefs and behavior
D. greater readiness to agree to different opinions and ideas
4. Social change is less likely to occur in a society where people are quite similar in
many ways because
A. people there have got so accustomed to their conditions that they seldom
think it necessary to change
B. people there have identical needs that can be satisfied without much
C. people there are easy to please
D. people there are less disputed
On June 17, 1744, the officials from Maryland and Virginia held a talk with
the Indians of the Six Nations. The Indians were invited to send boys to William and
Mary College. In a letter the next day they refused the offer as follows:
We know that you have a high opinion of the kind of learning taught in your colleges,
and that the costs of living of our young men, while with you, would be very
expensive to you. We are convinced that you mean to do us good by your proposal;
and we thank you heartily. But you must know that different nations have different
ways of looking at things, and you will therefore not be offended if our ideas of this
kind of education happen not to be the same as yours. We have had some experience
of it. Several of our young people were formerly brought up at the colleges of the
northern provinces: they were taught all your sciences; but, when they came back to
us, they were bad runners, ignorant of every means of living in the woods… they
were totally good for nothing.
We are, however, not the less obliged by your kind offer, though we refuse to accept it;
and, to show our grateful sense of it, if the gentlemen of Virginia will send us a dozen
of their sons, we will take care of their education, teach them in all we know, and
make men of them.
1. The passage is about ____.
A. The talk between the Indians and the officials
B. the colleges of the northern provinces
C. the educational values of the Indians
D. the problems of the Americans in the mid-eighteenth century
2. The Indians’ chief purpose in writing the letter seems to be to ____.
A. politely refuse a friendly offer
B. express their opinions on equal
C. show their pride
D. describe Indian customs
3. According to the letter, the Indians believed that ____.
A. it would be better for their boys to receive some schooling
B. they were being insulted by the offer
C. they knew more about science than the officials
D. they had a better way of educating young men
4. Different from the officials’ view of education, the Indians thought ____.
A. young women should also be educated
B. they had different goals of education
C. they taught different branches of science
D. they should teach the sons of the officials first
1. 学校领导给为学校赢得荣誉的大学生运动员颁奖,其中一名是今年才入学的,
2. 看到这些年轻人整天不求上进,正经工作不找,四处闲逛,靠在年迈父母身
3. 这个非洲国家不得不动用储备粮并采取一些有效措施,以便稳定粮食价格,
4. 在调查过程中,他们发现了种种证据,但由于缺少了最重要一环,警方认为
5. 在校时他不充分利用时间和良好条件学习,整天上网,或谈对象。现在毕业
6. 如果你想驳斥某入的论点,最好是引用权威的话或自己的亲见所闻,这二个
7. 翻译作业最迟必须在下星期五交,可是有些学生至今没做什么,这可不行。
8. 现代人常面临这样一个难题,是拼命工作,赚大钱,但会英年早逝,还是优
1. Big Bucks or Easy Way?
2. Should People Be Kept in the Dark?
3. My Policies in Reading Books.