3rd grade Parent Information Night

Welcome to
Third Grade
Contact Information
Team Reading Teacher
Kristin Dry
Math Teacher
Sarah Nash
Grade Level Chairman
Misty Wied
Bonnie Naylor
Lisa Godwin
Amanda Corkran
Jennifer Delany
Erin Jones
Communications Chairman
Mrs. Jones
 11th year of teaching
 My husband, Kent, is a teacher and football coach at
Terry HS…we love LCISD!
 Daughter, Avery, is starting 1st grade at Hubenak
 Son, Ty, is in the Pegasus program at Hubenak
 Love traveling, spending time with family and friends
and being active…I have run a marathon and now I
do Crossfit.
Mrs. Nash
I grew up in Northeast Ohio
This will be my third year at
Hubenak and fifth year of
I'm married to my husband,
Billy, and I have one daughter,
Addison, and another little one
on the way!
I love to be outside running,
doing CrossFit, and playing with
my daughter
I received my BA from Texas
Tech University and my MEd
from University of Houston
Mrs. DeLany
This is my third year teaching at Hubenak
I graduated from the University Of Houston main campus with a
degree in education
My husband Brian and I have been married for two years
I'm starting my second year of graduate school this fall to get my
masters in administration
In my free time I like spending all the time I can with my family &
friends. I also enjoy fishing, wakeboarding, photography, crafts,
and antique shopping
Mrs. Wied
-This is my 11th year of teaching and my 2nd year teaching at
-My husband, Blake, and I have a two year old daughter,
Grace, and an 8 month old son, Luke.
-I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, reading and
-I received my bachelors in Communications from SWT and my
MEd from Texas State University.
Mrs. Dry
This is my 2nd year of teaching.
Our family has been at Hubenak since it opened.
My husband, Jim and I have been happily married for 16
My son Parker is a freshman at Foster High School.
My daughter Grace is in 7th grade at Briscoe Junior High.
We have two new “family” members from Honduras: Keffy is
22 yrs. old with her daughter Valentina who is 3 years old.
I enjoy family time at the beach and being outdoors, watching
my kids in their activities, and reading.
I graduated from Houston Baptist University.
Mrs. Naylor
-This is my 2nd year of teaching.
-I graduated from The University of Houston.
-I'm teaching Math, Science and Social Studies
-My husband and I have a 9 year old daughter
who is entering 4th grade here at Hubenak and a
4 year old daughter who will be joining us next
-In my free time I enjoy traveling and spending
time outdoors with my family and friends.
Mrs. Godwin
First off, I’d like to say that I am
so elated to be part of the Hubenak
Team! I am very excited to teach 3rd
grade this year and look forward to
seeing each of your children grow in
their own unique and inspiring way.
This will be my eleventh year of
teaching, and my previous experience
includes 4th grade ELA, Literacy
Coaching, and Dyslexia Coaching. I
have also taught in both Katy ISD and
El Paso ISD.
I am originally from West Texas. I
moved here last summer from El
Paso with my wonderful husband
Troy, and my two amazing boys,
Landon and Clay. My family and I
love outdoor sports such as fishing,
waterskiing, racing, and of course
Mrs. Corkran
Went to SFA
Have 2 pets-Batman and Star
Huge Texans fan!
3rd year teaching, but 1st at Hubenak
Love teaching Math and Science
Welcome to STAAR!
-Students will take STAAR Math and Reading
in April
-Many changes from TAKS: More rigorous test
with higher order thinking. Students have 4
hours to take the test and will have to do their
own bubbling.
-STAAR Parent Night in January for more
-STAAR Website:
Third Grade Schedule
7:30-7:55 Morning Procedures/Keystone Curriculum
7:55 Switch to Block One
7:55-9:25 Block One
9:25-9:55 Recess
9:55-10:40 Block One
10:40-11:20 Homeroom/Block Two
11:20-11:50/11:25-11:55 Lunch
11:55-12:45 Specials
12:45-2:30 Homeroom/Block Two
2:30-2:35 End of Day Routine/Dismissal
Monday-Thursday: 20 minutes of reading homework each night. The activities will be specified in
the agenda, so be sure to check the agenda each night.
Monday-Thursday nights there will be a math practice sheet.
Students will be given a list of spelling words on Mondays that include spelling pattern words and
high frequency words. Their pattern words will be determined by their mastery on Monday’s
Spelling Pre-Test. All students will be responsible for knowing the same third grade high frequency
Students will be given a menu of activities to choose from on Mondays and will have to complete
four activities to be turned in each Friday. The activities do not necessarily have to be done nightly,
however, four must be complete and ready for the teacher to check each Friday.
Spelling post-tests will be on Thursdays every two weeks. The tests will be a mixture of writing
spelling words, dictation sentences and STAAR formatted editing where students apply knowledge
of spelling words.
The agenda must be signed nightly next to the conduct color.
If a student does not have his/her agenda signed, it counts as not having incomplete homework.
Homework Rewards
Each student that has all of his/her homework completed entirely will
receive one husky buck.
Homework Consequences
If a student does not have homework completed entirely, he/she will
move their clip.
If the homework is completed during recess, the clip may be moved
back up.
If the homework does not get completed during recess, the clip will
stay moved down.
Rules, Consequence and Rewards
1. Be on time to school and class.
2. Take care of school property.
3. Respect the rights of other and their property- “The Golden Rule”
4. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
5. Follow directions the first time they are given.
Individual Student Rewards
1. Husky Bucks
2. Positive Note Home
3. Clip to Gold
4. Individual PAT Time
5. Student Privilege (sit in a special chair, carry Mr. Potato Head etc.)
Class Rewards
1. PAT Time (We will use a Mr. Potato Head as a visual reminder for the PAT time earned. He will travel
from class to class and the frequency is determined by students’ behavior.)
2. Husky Bucks
3. Class Privileges (sitting in special seats, electronics time, extra recess etc.)
Individual Consequences
1. Verbal Warning
2. Take Husky Bucks
3. Color Change
4. Red Folder Documentation
5. Office Referral
Behavior Clip Changes
As with homework clip changes, behavior clip changes may be moved up if the behavior
continues to improve throughout the rest of the day.
However, around January, we will transition away from this opportunity to clip up because
clip ups are not permitted in 4th grade
Clip changes that occur in the Computer Lab (A Specials rotation) will count toward the
classroom conduct grade. Art, PE, and Music conduct is separate from classroom conduct.
Husky Bucks
Once a week, the students will be able to purchase items from the Husky Store. Items will
include pencils, erasers, book marks, special passes etc. The Husky Store will be run by
parent volunteers and will take place on Thursday mornings, depending on parent
Electronic Devices
Cellular phones, telecommunication devices, MP3 players, cameras,
or any other types of electronic devices are not allowed to be turned
on or in use inside the school building unless being used for specific
instructional activities. Campuses have the discretion to identify
appropriate opportunities for electronic device use. The time frame for
grades Pre-K-5 is immediately upon entering the school building until
exiting the school building at the end of the day.
Third grade Consequences
1. Verbal Warning
2. Device taken, office referral, and $15.00 charge to receive the
device back
 Misbehaviors will be documented in the agenda each day. Parents
will need to sign the agenda each night. Pay attention to the
number codes in the agenda explaining any rules that were broken
that day.
 The students color changes will determine their conduct on their
report card.
 Any incident that requires more information will be written down in
the students agenda.
 Students will only be allowed 4 color changes to attend the Husky
Hangout at the end of each nine weeks. A Mini-Husky Hangout will
be at the midpoint of each nine weeks and students will get to
attend if they have 2 or less color changes.
Husky Hangout
 Husky Hangout is an incentive that occurs every
nine weeks
 To qualify, the student can only have 0-4 color
changes (other than green or gold) for the nine
weeks. This includes behavior and homework clip
 Husky Hangout is at the end of each nine weeks.
Students can bring board games and electronics that
Success Assemblies
 At the end of each nine weeks a
Success Assembly is held. Awards for
honor roll and perfect attendance as
well as character rewards are given.
 Be sure to read the emails from the
Third Grade Team to find out the dates
for these assemblies at the end of each
nine weeks.
Communication / Agenda
 Students will write their homework in the
agenda everyday.
 Parents will need to sign agenda each night.
 Any notes for the teacher please write or
attach in the agenda. We will check it every
 Teachers will also send home notes and
announcements in the agenda.
Husky Folders
 Blue Husky Folders will go home each
Thursday. Please look through them
and send any papers that need to be
filled out to school the next day.
 Be sure to clean these folders out and
only return the papers we have asked
you to fill out. 
Weekly Emails
 You will receive weekly emails from our
team with important dates and
 The emails will come from your child’s
homeroom teacher
 Be sure to read this important
information! 
Other Communication
 Hubenak Facebook Page… “Like” us to
stay up to date with reminders on
 “Remind”…get occasional “text
message” reminders from your child’s
Progress Reports
 Progress Reports will be given out
every 4th week of the nine weeks.
How to Check Your
Child’s Grades
 http://www.lcisd.org/students-parents/family-access
 This link will connect you to Skyward where you can
find all of your child’s information such as grades
and attendance.
Language Arts Grade
 A minimum of seven (7) daily grades
and/or quizzes will be taken each nine
weeks. A minimum of three (3) major
grades will be taken each nine weeks,
as well (Total of 10 grades).
Reading Grades
 A minimum of seven (7) daily grades and/or quizzes
will be taken each nine weeks. A minimum of three
(3) major grades will be taken each nine weeks, as
well (Total of 10 grades).
 District nine week assessments will be given in
 Weekly assessments will be timed to prepare
students for the timed STAAR test.
 Rubrics (the highest possible grade on a rubric is a
 Types of Rubrics: Guided Reading, Independent
Reading, Response Rubrics
Math Grades
 A minimum of seven (7) daily grades and/or quizzes will
be taken each nine weeks. A minimum of three (3) major
grades will be taken each nine weeks, as well (Total of 10
 District nine week assessments will be given in Math
 The report card grade will reflect a weight of 50% daily
grades and quizzes and 50% major grades.
 Fast Fact quizzes are given weekly. The grades are
averaged together and count once at the end of each
nine weeks. (This will be one of the daily grades)
 Weekly assessments will be timed to prepare students for
the timed STAAR test
Science and Social
Studies Grades
 A minimum of seven (7) daily grades
and/or quizzes will be taken each nine
weeks. A minimum of three (3) major
grades will be taken each nine weeks,
as well (Total of 10 grades).
 District nine week assessments will be
given in Science and Social Studies
A teacher shall provide one reasonable opportunity to reassess failure to
master the TEKS/Curriculum in each daily grade. The highest possible grade
that can be earned and recorded on the reassessment is a 70. The teacher will
make a note in the electronic grade book of the date and grade of the
A teacher shall provide one reasonable opportunity to reassess failure to
master TEKS/Curriculum on each test grade. Teachers will reteach and allow
students an opportunity to retest the objectives not mastered. The highest
possible grade that can be earned and recorded on the reassessment is a 70.
The teacher will make a note in the electronic grade book of the date and grade
of the reassessment.
The following assessments are not subject to the reassessment guidelines:
TPRI and Running Records
Student Projects
Elementary Common Assessments
Grading Codes in
 CSA- Common Summative
Assessment (retaught, but grade is not
changed in the gradebook)
 CFA- Common Formative Assessment
 50/80- Shows original grade and
reteach grade
Tardy/ Absent
 School officially starts at 7:45am,
however, learning begins at 7:30.
 If students are not through the front
door at 7:45 they are considered tardy.
 Students are absent if they are not at
school by 9:30am.
 Any notes from parents can be sent to
school in the agenda.
Consequences for
The tardy policy will be as follows:
1st tardy
2nd tardy
lunch bunch
3rd tardy
no recess and lunch bunch
4th tardy
45 minute after school detention
with the teacher
Additional tardies: 45 minutes after school detention, teacher
notifies the assistant principal. The AP will contact the parent.
As a reminder, tardies count against the Perfect Attendance
Award and Lead Husky award each nine weeks (Only ONE
tardy is allowed per nine weeks). Please help in getting your
child to school on time.
 Specials rotation will include: Art,
Music, PE, and Computer Lab
 The rotation schedule will posted
weekly in the Music website and the PE
 If your child has PE, please be sure
they wear tennis shoes or bring a pair
to change into before Specials
 We do not have celebrations for birthdays at school,
however, you are welcome to bring store bought
treats for the class.
 Students are not allowed to pass out invitations at
school. However, if you have added your name to
the Birthday List, you will receive contact information
from other parents who want to share their
information so invitations can be sent outside of
Treats and Parties
 Birthday Treats:
 Students may bring in store-bought treats for their birthday.
The treats will be passed out the last 5 minutes of the school
day before dismissal so that it does not interfere with lunch and
interrupt instructional time.
 School parties:
 Winter party
 STAAR Incentive Party
 Field Day
Healthy Snacks
 Students will be able to bring a HEALTHY
snack to school along with a water bottle.
Students will eat snack around 9:30am.
 Suggestions: fruit, crackers, string cheese,
 Please be sure that snack can be eaten while
working (ex. They don’t have the leave the
room to wash their hands). No large bags of
chips, please.
Food Services
 Parents are encouraged to put funds pn the student
account prior ro meal service.
 Payments can be made at each campus cafeteria
with cash or check.
 Also, payments can be made online at
 At Parent Online, parents can set up balance
reminders to be emailed so there are always funds
available for meal purchases.
 For further information you may contact, Food
Services at 832-223-0180
Updated 2014-2015 meal charge policy: Students may charge meals
up to the value of 5 breakfasts and 5 lunches or $15.00. After
reaching –$15.00 a student will receive a cereal and milk for breakfast
and a cold cheese sandwich and milk for lunch. Their account will be
charged $0.50 for the cost of the alternate meal.
The student lunch number is now the same as their student ID #. The
number should never change while the student is enrolled with LCISD.
No more syrup. It is going to be baked into the breakfast items.
No juice will be offered at lunch.
New meal requirements for students:
 A student during lunch must take ½ cup fruit or vegetable to
complete a reimbursable meal.
 There is no longer an “entrée”. A student must take 3 components
to complete a meal. No beverage is required.
 LCISD practices “offer vs. serve”. Students need to be allowed to
make their own choices.
Dress Code
* Students are to wear a collared, plain, navy, black, light blue, red, or
white shirt.
* Sweatshirts and hoodies must be solid navy, light blue, red, white, or
the Hubenak hoodie. Solid denim jackets are allowed.
* Students may also wear an approved Hubenak shirt such as the PTA
Hubenak T-shirt or the grade level shirt. Friday is our spirit day where
children can wear their class T-shirt.
* Student’s pants or skirts need to be denim, navy, black, or khaki.
Jeggings are not allowed unless worn under a skirt.
* Shorts or skirts must be no shorter than fingertip length.
* Shoes must be safe for recess and physical education and must have
backs. Flip-flops, backless shoes, etc. are not allowed.
* Earrings on males are not permissible.
* Extremes in hair styles; mohawks; psychedelic colors; lines, letters or
designs shaved in the head is considered inappropriate.
Third Grade T-Shirts
Sizes Youth XS-XL
Adult S-3XL
Early Release
 Early release for parent conferencesNovember 6th and 7th
 Sign up information will be coming at a
later date.
Transportation Changes
 If there is a change in the way your
child will get home from school, you
must send a note stating the
transportation change.
 If you need to call in a transportation
change it MUST be done before 2:00.
 DO NOT email transportation changes.
We are not always able to get to our
email before dismissal.
 All students will be wearing transportation tags on their
backpacks. Please keep these tags on their backpacks as we
will be using them all year.
 If your child is a walker, please allow for the teacher to walk
your child across the street and meet them at the corner. This
is for safety reasons.
 If your child is a car rider, please allow the teacher to escort
your child around your vehicle if necessary. Parents, please
remain in cars. Please do not meet in the foyer of the school.
 We appreciate your cooperation and patience for the safety of
all children.
Haven’t received the info yet
* Route 14 will be a double route until further
* Route 147 will return to Hubenak to pick these
students up between 3:20 and 3:30.
* If you have concerns, please contact
Transportation at 832-223-0550.
 If you are visiting our school, you must
enter through the front door and sign in
at the front office. You will receive a
visitors badge.
Parent Volunteers
 Third Grade Volunteers- Husky Store, Decorating
Hallway, Field Trip Chaperones, Party Helpers…add
your name to the pink Parent Volunteer Interest
Form if you would like to be contacted about these
volunteer opportunities! 
 Join PTA! They need lots of volunteers,
but if you work outside the home there
are still many ways you can help. It
starts with joining, so please pick up an
envelope tonight!
 We will be putting all 3rd grade
information on our website this year.
 Please be sure we have your email for
our distribution list. We will send out
lots of information in these emails!
 Please be sure to check both your
email and the website…we are going
green and only sending home forms
that need to be signed! 
Elementary Handbook
 http://www.lcisd.org/docs/defaultsource/students-parentsdocuments/elementaryeducation/elementaryhandbook.pdf?sfvrsn=4
Any Questions???
 We are happy to answer any questions
that you have!!
It’s Going to Be a SUPER Year!