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Don’t get left behind.
It’s time to migrate to a new Latitude.
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Efficiency and performance
Compared with a system older than three years, next-generation
Latitude™ E-Family business laptops are: laptops are:
• 69% better performance1
• Copies files 85% faster1
• Shuts down 42% faster1
• Starts up 38 faster1
More Secure
• Increases security by
• Encrypts data 3.5x faster2
• Costs 1.5x less
to maintain3
More productive
• Multitasks 3x faster2
• Long-life battery options
3SMBs – The Case for Buying Modern PCs, March 2010 <>
More cost-effective
• Uses up to 50%
less power2
Today’s business laptop
The latest client technology from
Dell and Microsoft.
The Latitude E-Family: The portfolio
of durable Latitude laptops that keep
you mobile and productive.
Windows 7 Professional: Microsoft's
fast-selling operating system, universally
praised by users and reviewers.
Microsoft Office Home & Business 2010:
The latest version of the trusted, familiar,
and globally ubiquitous business
Work the way you want
Enjoy simplicity,
compatibility, customization.
Faster startup, shutdown, load time, navigation
File and device sharing—even without a server
Compatibility with legacy custom applications
Custom build and configuration
Easy access for future hardware upgrades
Multitask at top speed
Perform at the speed of business.
2nd Generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ Processor*
High-bandwidth DDR3 memory
Intel® UMA or NVIDIA* graphics
Snap, Peek, and Shake
Jump Lists for quick navigation
Office 2010 Ribbon interface
*Available on select models
Stay productive anywhere
Conduct business wherever it happens.
High-performance antenna
Built-in hardware for web conferences
New Office Web Apps
Long-life battery options
Broadcast Slideshow in Microsoft PowerPoint® 2010
*Available on select models
Protect your information
Guard against system attacks and data loss.
Automated backup
Access controls
Encryption options
Malware protection
Dell™ ControlVault™ and Dell Data Protection | Access
Dell StrikeZone™ and Dell Fast Response Free-Fall Sensor
Get there safely
Worry less about dings and dust.
Spill-resistant keyboard
LCD protective seal
Tri-Metal chassis*
Reinforced corners*
Powder-coated underside*
*Available on select models
Do more for less
Save on management and maintenance.
Built-in diagnostic tools
Steps Recorder
Remote support
Simpler administration
Contemporary safeguards
*Available on select models
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Expert configuration
Network orientation
Initial training
Management services
Ongoing support
Don’t get left behind.
Let us help you select the right
laptop for your business.
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Don’t get left behind.
Let us help you select the right laptop for your business.
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