Practice Bell Ringer Q's -lower body only

Practice Bell Ringer Questions
Question #1
Name this muscle
Question #2
This two headed muscle, entends
the hip and flexes the knee
Question #3
What is the name
of the bone that
dissipates force
in the posterior
Question #4
Name the structure
that originates on
the posterior aspect
but inserts on the
anterior surface of
this joint.
Question #5
The attachment point for this muscle is?
Question #6
Name this ligament. It is most
commonly injured in an ankle
Question #7
True or False: This muscle extends
the forearm at the elbow.
Question #8
The two bones that make up the human lower leg are:
Question #9
Name the two muscles
that make up the
iliopsoas muscle
Question #10
Name the area the
head of the femur
sits in to create the
ball and socket hip
1. Vastus Lateralis
2. Biceps femoris
3. Calcaneous
4. ACL
5. Linea aspera
6. Anterior talofibular ligament
7. True
8. Tibia and Fibula
9. Iliacus and psoas major
10. Acetabulum