Musc_ system notes ppt_

The Muscular System Ch. 15.3
Smooth Muscle is found in the digestive
tract and the walls of blood vessels.
 Cardiac Muscle is found only in the heart.
 Skeletal Muscle is attached to the bones
and helps you move. It also helps protect
your inner organs.
2 Types of Muscle Action
Muscle action that is under your control
is voluntary.
 Muscle action that is not under your
control is involuntary.
Aerobic exercise is exercise like
cycling or running that improves
your heart’s ability to pump oxygen
rich blood efficiently through your
 Resistance exercise is working
against the weight of an object to
build muscle strength and size (push
ups, weightlifting)
Flexor- a muscle that bends part of your
 Extensor- a muscle that straightens part
of your body
 Tendon- tissue that connects skeletal
muscle to bones
 Tendinitis- a condition in which the
tendon becomes inflamed