4th Math LF Aug 31

CLASS: 4th Grade Math
LESSON DATE: August 31-September 4
Teaching Points & Activities
Student Expectations Bundled in Lesson
During this unit, students work on
understanding place value. Students will
be expected to compare and order whole
numbers and decimals in numeral, word
and expanded notation forms.
Use the digital lesson opener as a whole-class activity. Model the stated problem
with students.
Review with students the value of each type of base-ten block and the relationship
from one type to the next.
Guide students to use the place-value chart to find numbers that are 10 times as
much as or 1/10 of the original numbers.
Go Math- See
pacing guide
Students may make a list, draw a diagram, or use another strategy to solve
problems. *See Go Math Unlock the Problem from pages 13, 19*
Can the students read and write numbers through billions?
Objective/Key Understanding:
The base-10 place value system is based
on multiples of 10.
A digit’s position within a number
determines its value.
Stop & Check for Understanding—High Level Questions
What is the relationship between a specified unit length and the labeled
points on a number line?
How can the order of a set of numbers be justified?
Critical Writing Prompt:
How does place value change
when moving to the left/right
across the place value
positions in a number?
Small Group Purposeful Talk Question Stems:
How is place value used to compare two numbers?
Closing Product/ Question/ Informal Assessment:
How can the comparison of two numbers be described and represented?
See next page.
Compare numbers, expanded form, order numbers, strip diagram,
expanded notation, ascending, descending, magnitude
Rigor & Relevance: (Real World Connection)
Why is it important to
understand place value? Give an
example of what could happen if
you didn’t understand how to
use place value in recipe for
baking cookies.
Analyze the situation(s) described below. Organize
and record your work for each of the following
tasks. Using precise mathematical language, justify
and explain each mathematical process.
1) The table below shows the 2012 populations of
five countries that are among the ten most populated
countries in the world.
a) Represent the population of the United States
using expanded notation.
b) What is the relationship between the value of the
digit 8 in the tens place and the value of the digit 8
in the ones place of Japan’s population?
c) If the populations of the five countries were
placed on a number line, determine which country’s
population would be between 160,500,000 and
d) Place the names of the countries in ascending
order according to their populations.
e) Determine the solution to the number riddle
My population is currently not the
greatest in the table; however, if my
population increased by one
hundred million, I would have the
greatest population in the table.
Which country am I?
Write a comparison statement using numbers and
symbols that correctly compares the new population
of this country to its current population.