Formalizing Relations and Functions

Formalizing Relations and
Chapter 4 Section 6
 Students will determine whether a
relation is a function and find domain
and range and use function notation.
 A pairing of numbers in one set
 Each independent variable is paired
with a dependent variable.
 The set of independent variables
 Usually all the possible X values.
 Set of dependent variables
 All the possible solutions to a function.
Turn to page 268
 Look at Problem 1
 Try the “Got It” problem for each
Vertical Line Test
 If any vertical line passes through the
graph more than one time then the
graph is not a function.
 Passing more than one time would
mean that an X value occurs more than
once with a different output.
On page 269…
 Look at Problem 2
 Try the “Got It” problem for that
Function Notation
 Y is replaced with F(x); meaning that
the equation no longer has two
variables but is written as a function of
On page 269…
 Look at Problem 3
 Try the “Got It” problem for that
Turn to page 270
 Look at Problem 4 and 5
 Try the “Got It” problems for those
On page 271…
 Try problems #1-7 on your own
 Raise your hand when you are finished.
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