National 5 Geography

National 5 Geography
How to improve your grade at National 5
The exam is based on you learning knowledge and being able to recall facts in detail. If
you don’t spend time training your brain to remember this information you will not be able
to perform well in the exam.
In order to achieve your best at National 5 level we would expect the following;
That you spend 10-15 minutes consolidating learning from the most recent lesson.
That you spend time on your homework and use your notes to complete it.
At least once a week you should revisit previously covered work.
Use the SQA website, or a past paper book to practice past paper questions, then
use the marking schemes to correct your work.
General advice for answering geography
o In map questions make use of six figure grid references.
o Use diagrams to enhance your answers, especially if instructed to do so.
o Include sufficient detail for the number of marks available. Many candidates fail
to provide enough detail, often omitting reference to specific examples, or not
elaborating or developing points fully enough in their answers.
o DO NOT SIMPLY LIST, you will lose half the available marks, even if your list is
o Avoid giving irrelevant answers. For example, if asked to explain and you simply
describe, you will score no marks. If asked for a named example and you do not
provide one, you will forfeit marks.
Your National 5 Assignment is worth 25% of your final
grade. Please process your data efficiently. Make sure
you have a good quality draft checked before write up.
Follow the SQA criteria to write up your project.
Projects must be completed by 30 October. After the
holidays you will do the write up under exam conditions,
which will be sent off to SQA to mark, along with two
sides of A4 paper with your maps, graphs and diagrams.
It is not enough to simply “look over” or “read over” your notes. If you don’t transfer
them into a different format, then you will rarely remember any more than 5% of the
information. Below are some suggestions of how to effectively revise your Higher
Geography notes.
Examples of Revision Techniques
Visual learning
Making mind maps or spider diagrams
Drawing pictures to show learning
Use of diagrams and graphs
Colour coding learning
Kinaesthetic learning
Moving around the room while revising their notes
Use of actions or mines.
Auditory Learning
Saying it out loud
Tell someone else about it
Use a tape recorder
Put learning to music
Use rhymes and rhythms
Written learning
Rewrite notes changing the wording
Use fewer words
Underline key words
Ask questions- Who? What? Where? When?
List advantages and disadvantages
Remember to use the Edmodo website, ask your
teacher for the code. Homework is now on Show
My Home Work and if you have signed up to the
app automatic reminders should come to your smart
Also visit;
Thursday’s after school is supported study,
which is run as a drop in session.