Individualized Learning Plan for Physics

Using Models &
Graphs: When graphing scientific data, I can determine which mathematical relationship(s) might fit the
graph (and determine the equation of that relationship in the case of a straight line)
Diagrams: When solving problems, I draw diagrams that help me better visualize the situation and are
labeled with relevant given information.
Equations: When I need to perform a calculation, I can identify an appropriate equation and manipulate
it to get the answer I need, including units.
Procedures: When writing a procedure, I include diagrams and edit my instructions to make sure they
are thorough and would be clear to a stranger.
Measurement: When collecting experimental data, I measure to the maximum accuracy my tools allow
without rounding.
Conclusions: I use scientific evidence to support conclusions or explanations.
Textbook: I use the textbook as a resource. I use the headings, key terms, and chapter summaries to
help me understand class material.
Word problems: I visualize the situation in a problem. If I don’t understand a word, I have strategies to
make sense of it (e.g., looking at the prefixes & suffixes, using context clues or knowledge of Spanish).
Habits for Success
Mental approach: I believe that I can solve every problem in this class and understand every concept if I
work hard and I am prepared to learn.
Collaboration: I seek feedback from my peers and provide constructive feedback to others.
Getting help: I ask my teacher questions when I am confused and cannot figure something out on my
own. I come to after school sessions whenever it will help me.
Real-world connections: I use physics to better understand the world outside of the classroom.
Homework: I complete homework thoroughly and thoughtfully and use it to practice the skills and
knowledge I need to succeed in physics.
Look at past tests, quizzes, and other assignments. Based on the teacher’s comments, identify one additional
goal you will pursue that is not listed above.
Additional goal:
I don’t
Individualized Learning Plan for Physics
Your goal(s) for this skill area