Chapter 11 questions

Chapter 11 questions
1. Why did the Persian Wars encourage Greek city-states to unite?
2. Explain how Athens used the Delian League to make itself the greatest Greek city-state after the
Persian Wars.
3. How did the rivalry between Athens and Sparta do long-term damage to Greece? What was the final
result of the damage?
4. Why was the period following the Second Persian War known as Athens’ “golden age”?
5. Describe the military tactics and weapons that King Philip used to conquer Greece. How did these
tactics and weapons give Macedonian soldiers the advantage over the Greeks?
6. Explain how Greek culture spread into regions as far as Afghanistan and India. How did the culture
of these regions change?
7. What is Hellenistic culture and how did it get that name?
8. How were the Olympic Games linked to ancient Greek religion?
9. Describe the influence of ancient Greek architecture on the Lincoln Memorial and the Supreme
Court building in the United States.
10. How did the subjects of Greek tragedies and Greek comedies differ?
11. Who was Poseidon? Why would his kindness and support have been especially important to the
ancient Greeks?
12. Identify the Stoics and describe their beliefs.
13. Why did the Greek historians Herodotus, Thucydides, and Xenophon believe that it was important to
study and write about past events?
14. How did the Greeks change the way people viewed and understood the natural world around them?
15. Explain why trade was important to Alexandria’s development as a major learning center.